The EcoFans search for the secrets of the Parthenon

Dec 17, 2016

On December 17th, join the EcoFans at the Acropolis Museum to unravel the secrets of the Parthenon

The Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum
The Parthenon, the most important symbol of the legacy of the ancient Greek civilization, still amply reflects the enormous creative potential of the human mind. It is the culmination of ancient Greek art, combining architecture, painting, and sculpture, expressing perfection- as perceived by its creators. It also reflects the idea of symmetry, meaning that parts of a project must be in harmony with each other and as a whole. The concept of symmetry is of paramount importance for the ancient Greek culture in all its manifestations, such as the human relationship with the environment. The ancient Greeks had a harmonious relationship with the environment because they knew that a disruption in this relationship leads to unpleasant situations.
The EcoFans will visit the Acropolis Museum where the sculptures of the Parthenon are kept. They will explore the secrets of the temple, search for its symmetry and compare the relationship between humans and the environment during the Golden Age, with that of today.
When: Saturday, December 17, 14:30-16: 00
Where: Meeting at 14:30 at the entrance of the Acropolis Museum.



Start Date 17/12/2016
End Date 17/12/2016
Starting Time 14:30
Type Field Trip
Languages: EL, EN
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: Yes
Reservation Required: No
Last Update At: 2016/12/01 - 16:58:21

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