Description of the ILEC examination

The ILEC has been created by Cambridge English Language Assessment in cooperation with TransLegal, Europe’s leading firm of lawyer-linguists.

Based on workplace situations, the examination is targeted at levels B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) scale.  It includes tasks and topics that legal practitioners encounter in everyday working life.

The examination consists of four papers – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – which together last approximately 3.5 hours (not including breaks).

The Speaking test gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their skills during face-to-face interaction. Candidates take the test in pairs with two Cambridge English examiners.

Areas of law typically covered include the following:

  • corporate
  • business associations
  • contracts
  • sale of goods
  • real property
  • debtor-creditor
  • intellectual property
  • employment
  • competition
  • environmental
  • negotiable instruments
  • secured transactions
  • aspects of transnational law

The following table presents the format and content of the ILEC examination:

Section Time Description # of items Marks (% of total)
1 Reading 75 minutes 6 parts 54 questions 25%
2 Writing 75 minutes Part 1: Letter (120–180 words)
Part 2: Memorandum (200–250 words)
2 parts 25%
3 Listening about 40 minutes
  • 4 parts
  • Texts take the form of consultations, meetings, announcements, seminars, etc.
30 questions 25%
4 Speaking 16 minutes per pair of
Part 1: Interview
Part 2: Long turn
Part 3: Collaborative task
Part 4: Discussion
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