New ECPE Sample Materials Now Available


The University of Michigan is providing additional practice for ECPE candidates by offering new complete writing and GCVR sections samples.

Important: The cloze subsection sample reflects changes to this section effective May 2013 (two short cloze passages with 10 items each instead of one long cloze passage with 20 items).

The 2012 sample materials pack includes the following:

  • Guidelines on how to use the materials, score the sample writing and GCVR sections, and interpret scores
  • Ten sample rated ECPE writing section essays with examiner’s comments
  • Answer sheet
  • Answer key

This sample materials pack complements resources already available, including the 2010 Sample Test (a complete ECPE examination) and the 2011 Sample Materials (a full listening section plus three speaking prompts). Candidates may use all these materials to familiarize themselves with the content and format of the ECPE as well as get a sense of how well they would do on an actual test.

Sample materials are already available on Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments’ website and through the Hellenic American Union ORFEAS online platform.

Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments’ full announcement

Orfeas Resources


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