Practical information about the ILEC

Who can take the ILEC?

The ILEC is for both law students and practising lawyers.

Why should someone take the ILEC?
  • Law students can use the qualification to:
    • find employment  in an international commercial law context (law firms, company legal departments, and government agencies)
    • study law in English, either in Greece or abroad.
  • Practising lawyers can use the certificate to:
    • find new employment in an international commercial law context
    • get promotion within their own organisation
    • learn English as part of a training program.
  • ILEC holders can certify that they can:
    • use English in practical situations
    • participate in meetings and discussions of a legal nature
    • express opinions clearly
    • understand and produce texts of various types, including legal correspondence and memoranda.
  • Law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies can use the ILEC as an essential tool to:
    • recruit staff with appropriate language skills
    • develop the language skills of existing staff
    • plan training programs.
  • The ILEC provides the most reliable reflection of its holders’ language skills. It is:
    • a high-quality exam that covers all major varieties of English (such as British English, American English)
    • designed to be fair to users of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds
    • supported by the largest research program of its kind.
Who recognizes the ILEC?

The ILEC is respected internationally. It is recognized or used by organizations:

Visit the Cambridge English related webpage.

Who administers the ILEC examinations in Greece?

The Hellenic American Union is one of the ‘open’ examination centers authorised to administer ILEC examinations in Greece.

Where and when are the ILEC examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union?

The Hellenic American Union administers ILEC examinations in Athens and Thessaloniki. Written sections are administered together over the course of a morning whereas speaking sections are administered on the same or a different date, before or after the written sections administrations.

Following are dates, fees, and registration periods for the upcoming ILEC examinations administered in Greece under the auspices of the Hellenic American Union:

Examination Date Exam fees Registration Period
ILEC Νovember 19, 2016 220 € 01/09 -07/10/2016
How can candidates register for the ILEC examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union?

Candidates who wish to register for the ILEC examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union must submit the appropriate application form to the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications within the registration period set for each administration.

Download the application form:

How can candidates prepare and get help for the ILEC examinations?

A wide range of preparation material is available to candidates and teachers by Cambridge English.

Visit the Cambridge English related webpage.

How and when are the results announced?

Test results are usually available about six weeks after the test date. Candidates’ Statements of Results include details of their performance on each of the papers.

Passing grades are the following: “Β2 Pass”, “C1 Pass”, and “C1 Pass with Merit”.

Candidates achieving a passing grade receive a certificate awarded by Cambridge English.

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