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  1. New ECCE Sample Test Materials Now Available [Examinations & Certifications]
    sample rated ECCE writing section essays/letters with examiner’s comments Answer sheet Answer key Sample...The University of Michigan is providing additional practice for ECCE candidates by offering a new full-length specimen exam. Important: The sample test reflects changes to the Listening and GVR
  2. New sample tests for the CaMLA ECCE and ECPE examinations [Examinations & Certifications]
    Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaMLA) is now offering ECCE and ECPE candidates an opportunity for extra preparation practice with new full sample versions of the listening, reading... with the format and the content of the ECCE and ECPE tests and have a reasonable indication of the score
  3. Α complete ECCE full-length sample test [Examinations & Certifications]
    Τhe English Language Institute of the University of Michigan (ELI-UM) has prepared a complete ECCE full-length specimen exam which includes the test booklet (in PdF), the CD, the answer key, speaking... candidates to better understand the requirements of the ECCE examination.
  4. New ECPE Sample Materials Now Available [Examinations & Certifications]
    complete writing and GCVR sections samples. Important: The cloze subsection sample reflects changes... cloze passage with 20 items). The 2012 sample materials pack includes the following: Guidelines on how to use the materials, score the sample writing and GCVR sections, and interpret scores Ten sample
  5. May 2013 revisions to the ECCE GVR and Listening sections [Examinations & Certifications]
    with a total of 50 questions). In early 2012, a complete sample revised ECCE Listening test and GVR test...As part of an ongoing process to ensure excellence in the ECCE, the University of Michigan has completed a comprehensive review of the ECCE. In addition to a survey of the related research literature
  6. Structure and content of the ETECT [Examinations & Certifications]
    Syllabus v.2.0 ETECT Level 5 Sample Test ETECT Paper 1 Methodology Sample (January 2015) ETECT Paper 2 Language Awareness Sample (January 2015) Suggested Readings for ETECT Preparation LEVEL 7 Paper 1..., vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. ETECT Level 7 Syllabus v.1.0 ETECT Level 7 Sample Test ETECT
  7. Build Up Your Speaking Skills for the ECCE [Learning Resources]
    Build Up Your Speaking Skills for the ECCE is a thematic skills book aimed at B2 level students who are preparing for the Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE). The book works on building oral skills and strategies necessary for dealing with the ECCE speaking test. Teacher
  8. January 2015 revisions to the CAE and FCE for Schools [Examinations & Certifications]
    takers with the changes to the CAE and FCE for Schools formats, full Exam Specifications, and Sample...Cambridge English Language Assessment review and update all of their examinations regularly... learning and assessment. As of January 2015, the updated Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) examination
  9. ECCE Format and Content [Examinations & Certifications]
    The following table presents the format and content of the ECCE: Section Time Description... their scores unfavorably affected by external factors. ECCE Speaking Test ECCE Speaking Test video ECCE Speaking Sample Test and Commentary Test Taker Prompt Examiner Prompt
  10. Practical details about the ETECT [Examinations & Certifications]
    Fees, Dates and Test Venues Registration Nonstandard Test Accommodations Sample Tests and Other... measure possible of the examinee’s English language ability. Sample Tests and Other Exam-Prep Material... should note that work on sample tests does not replace extensive work on language; succeeding
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