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Modern Greek Lessons at ERA 5 ("Voice of Greece")

Modern Greek lessons from the Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American University are broadcasted through the Fifth Program of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERA 5 - Voice of Greece). ERA 5 broadcasts nationwide, from North and South America to Europe, Australia, Japan, and Africa. Lessons are broadcasted every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, three times per day and are intended for those that want to improve their Greek and enrich their vocabulary. Along with the broadcasts, at the website of ERA 5, one can find each lesson’s audio in mp3 form as well as the complete transcript in .pdf form.

What are the lessons about?

Each lesson aims at teaching you how to communicate effectively in Modern Greek. No grammar, no rules, no “do’s” and “don’ts”; just basic dialogues, short phrases, and words that you, too, will be able to use in a variety of everyday situations. The lessons present the activities in the lives of a group of young people - a parea, as they’re called in Greek. These friends live in Athens and go out for a cup of Greek coffee or for a meal in a taverna, go to the shops, to the cinema or the theater, stay home and watch TV or talk on the phone, and, in general, do everything that Greeks do every day. But it’s not just them that you will meet: Listen for the voice of Xenophon, a funny character, who follows them around, makes comments on what they say or do and helps you to understand better their actions.

The organization of the material is more or less the same for each lesson: First, you hear a dialogue. Then, you are asked to repeat parts of what you have heard. For further practice, you may be asked to choose the right answer to a question relating to the material presented (don’t worry; Xenophon always gives you the correct answer). Last, you are provided with cultural or communication tips that help you understand better contemporary Greek reality.

Here’s a brief idea of what each lesson presents:

Thematic units
  1. Introductions
  2. Making an appointment
  3. In the taxi
  4. At the kiosk
  5. Family
  6. Shopping
  7. Giving and asking for directions
  8. Becoming ill
  9. At the cinema
  10. Deliveries
  11. Looking for an apartment
  12. At the Post Office
  13. Spending my weekend
  14. Looking for a job
  15. At the open market
  16. At the travel office
  17. Faulty products
  18. At the party
  19. At the gym
  20. At the airport
  21. Weather
  22. Cinema tickets
  23. Directions for use
  24. Moving house
  25. A new telephone number
  26. At the bookstore
  27. At the Bar
  28. At the hotel
  29. At the doctor’s
  30. At the bus-stop
  31. Using the ATM
  32. Reading
  33. Dialing the wrong number
  34. At the super market
  35. Preferences
  36. At the hospital
  37. Congratulations and sympathy
  38. At the Police
  39. At the hairdresser’s
  40. Family and feelings
  41. Damages in the house-The plumber
  42. Pollution
  43. At the video store-At the record store
  44. Apologies and excuses
  45. The Electric Company bill
  46. Utilities-Flat owners' meeting
  47. A break in-The Police
  48. Theater tickets
  49. Fighting over a party
  50. At the cosmetics store-At the jeweler's
  51. Road Assistance
  52. Weekend-Household chores
  53. Invitation to a wedding
  54. Healthy living
  55. Damages in the house-The electrician
  56. Unemployment
  57. Superstitions
  58. Preferences-Birthdays
  59. Ecology-Recycling
  60. Feeling ill
  61. At the dietician
  62. Issuing a new passport
  63. Star signs
  64. Memories
  65. Travel complaints
  66. Modern way of life
  67. Famous Greeks
  68. Alternative forms of energy
  69. Greek shadow theater (Karagkiozis)
  70. Preferenced / Priorities
  71. Sick leave
  72. Quality of life
  73. Arguing over grades / Profession
  74. What would I do if ...?
  75. More superstitions
  76. Break-ins
  77. More faulty products
  78. Beware of the sun!
  79. Climate change
  80. At the Metro
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