Practicing Immunity-to-Change (ITC)

Experience a unique leadership seminar by practicing the Immunity-to-ChangeTM tool.  Through a fully experiential hands on experience, you will understand what blocks you from embracing change and what undermines your efforts to achieve your most important goals as an individual, manager or leader.

This tool is designed to help you make the personal and collective changes that they deem essential but you have not succeeded in making despite your best efforts. ITC was developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is used in a broad range of organizations in their efforts to manage change.

The approach starts with diagnosis. It creates a customized picture of the way our current mindset produces behaviors that oppose our stated goals. Then the ITC methods guides us through a structured process for dealing with this mindset and accomplishing our goals.

During the two days you will apply the methodologies presented by the instructor on a specific challenge you identified in the beginning of the workshop. During the two sessions you will have sufficient time to work on your own goal, make observations, enhance your working style and come back to the final session with your self-reflection notes and questions to discuss.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand certain behaviors and mindsets that undermine your efforts to achieve your most important goals
  • Define the things you need to do to overcome your personal challenges

Download full description of the workshop "Practicing Immunity-to-ChangeTM". (.pdf 150 KB)


Pre-reading and pre-work in identifying at least one important goal and those behaviors that are currently blocking you from achieving this goal

Uncovering the adaptive challenge

  • Setting goals
  • Designing the Immunity Map
  • Acknowledging the existence of an immune system
  • Enriching the map by designing and running a bespoke survey
  • Understanding how our assumptions impact our interpretation of events and our reactions
  • Familiarizing yourself with the ITC map

Achieving transformation

  • Empowering the Map
  • Envisioning success and creating a plan
  • Observing the immune system in action
  • Challenging the current mindset
  • Exploring the Biography
  • Monitoring progress
  • Rerunning a survey


Course Code LDS101
Department Vocational Training
Instructor Sonia Georgiadou, ITC Certified Business Coach
Instruction Languages EL
Level Intermediate
Who should attend Managers, leaders in key business positions
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Continuing Education Credits 10 PDUs
Offered OnlineNo
Course Fees €480.00


Days and Hours Start Date End Date Hours per Week
Mon. & Fri, 10.00-15.00 03/11/2014 07/11/2014 10
Last Update At: 2014/10/09 - 16:31:51


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