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Greek Courses

The Hellenic American Union offers complete English and Greek learning programs certified by American accreditation bodies (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation - CEA).

Our courses focus on providing flexibility of attendance and are specially designed to meet the needs of different age groups and learners, combining onsite attendance with active participation from wherever you are in the most flex(ible) way.

Our smart classrooms, fully equipped with the latest educational tools, along with the hybrid/flex(ible) way of attendance provide you with valuable stepping stones for the labor market and your university studies, helping you acquire both language fluency and the necessary 21st century skills. They also guarantee flexibility and safety without burdening your schedule since physical presence on our premises is optional #Be flex? be safe.

Throughout your studies both our Academic and our Teaching Team are there for you, constantly evolving, always up-to-date with new technological trends, introducing innovations in the production of interactive educational material and promising you a learning and technological experience guaranteed by HAU’s high quality and prestige.


Give yourselves the chance to learn and explore the new hybrid/flex(ible) world of HAU!

#The English you know, the English you trust

Greek-on-the-Go is a digital application specifically designed for smart phones. It was originally developed in 2011 and it was awarded the first prize in the framework of the European Label of languages for innovative educational programs. Since then, the application has been upgraded and it is now available through App Store for iPhones and through Google Play Store for Androids. The application places emphasis on communication (64 communicative contexts) through 16 carefully selected thematic areas. Users have at their disposal 53 videos with authentic dialogues in a variety of communicative contexts and learn key vocabulary and phrases (260 in total) supported visually and by audio. The application may be used in combination with the podcasts and videocasts series available on the website of Hellenic American Union as well with the Modern Greek classes offered throughout the academic year in class or via eLearning.

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We believe in team spirit and forming partnerships! So, if you are a student in one of our programs, you have already joined our club of partners with exclusive member benefits only for you! How? Just use your HAU Benefit Card!


“I think it was a great experience that combined the process of studying with many other learning activities that made the lessons more enjoyable, meaningful and long-lasting. One of those few times in my ‘learning life’ that I would say that I truly liked being a student!!"(Mike D., University Student)

“Started with low expectations – just another ordinary language course I said to myself…let’s just get it over with – but left with the best learning memories and experiences ever! Excellent class, impeccable collaboration, and most of all a fantastic teacher! Sounds too much? Just give it a try! (Panos, D., University Student)

What is the maximum number of students per classroom?

The maximum number of students per classroom is 14. Students can attend classes onsite, online or in a hybrid/flex(ible) form as our school is fully equipped with ‘smart classrooms’ and all the necessary audiovisual equipment to this end (e.g., cameras, microphones, monitors and specialized software). 

What is a hybrid/flex(ible) lesson?

Hybrid/flex(ible) lessons offer learners the opportunity to become familiar with new means of interaction, collaboration, and language learning as they allow for both onsite and online participation. A typical hybrid/flex(ible) lesson encompasses live video sessions, which ‘bridge’ the online with face-to-face learning experience, and the use of asynchronous activities, thus empowering students with multiple benefits, such as:

  • enhanced interaction and active participation,
  • more opportunities for individualized support,
  • more hours of active engagement in the target language,
  • exposure to a variety of multimodal tools for creative practice,
  • regular and multimodal progress assessment,
  • familiarization with new means of communication and collaborative learning,
  • flexibility and less time on commuting,
  • the ease of attending a lesson in a familiar context,
  • multimodal educational material designed to cater for different learning styles and
  • development of 21st century skills essential for their future and the digital literacy required for their university studies or job market. 

Is fully online attendance allowed?

Of course! If you prefer to attend the entire course online, the only thing you need to do is inform the Registration Office upon enrollment. The same applies for switching between online and onsite attendance provided that the instructor has been notified promptly.  Flex(ible) attendance remains a choice throughout the program for any reason (e.g., health-related or work-related issues). You are just a click away from your class and the new flex reality! Just try it out!

Does a hybrid lesson promote equal interactive participation?

Hybrid/ flex(ible) lessons provide the same learning opportunities to all students regardless of whether they choose to attend online or onsite. Active and multimodal participation is facilitated by our smart classroom audiovisual equipment (i.e., video-conferencing monitors, speakers, microphones). Collaboration and both oral and written interaction between online and onsite students are achieved through the applications and the interactive tools available in our educational platforms (e.g., breakout rooms, polls, discussion boards etc.) as well as through the use of active cameras and microphones. In this context, every student enjoys the same learning experience and flexible educational reality.  

How are personal data secured in hybrid lessons?

Hybrid lessons are not video- or audio-recorded by any of the parties involved in the learning process, namely students, instructors, HAU administrative personnel, etc. For more information on the data collected and processed, click here.

What are the equipment requirements for online attendance?

There are no special equipment requirements for attending hybrid/flex(ible) classes. Following very simple instructions (see here), students will only need:

  • A computer (laptop, PC), a tablet or a smart phone (even though the latter are compatible with the platform, kindly note that they are not recommended)
  • Α good Internet speed (e.g., 24 Mbps (min), a connection of 50 Mbps or more is strongly recommended)
  • Camera (an external or embedded one), microphone (an external or an embedded one) and headphones or a headset. As indicated in the 10 Student Conduct Regulations for Online and Hybrid/Flex(ible) Classes, camera and microphone use is mandatory. 

Meet the Academic Team behind the new Hybrid/Flex(ible) English program of the Hellenic American Union

The program was designed by the Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (CALLS) of the Hellenic American Union and the Applied Linguistics Program of the Hellenic American University (HAUniv) under the supervision of Dr. Dimitris Tolias who is the HAU CALLS Director and Dean for Digital Learning and Education Innovation in HAUniv. 

What is Blackboard? Our Learning Platform, explained.

  • In fact, it is 2 learning platforms in 1! Following the American educational standards, the Hellenic American Union uses the educational platform Blackboard Learn Ultra along with Blackboard Collaborate, a special integrated videoconferencing feature. The combination of the two platforms, adopted by more than 17.000 Educational Institutions worldwide, including leading universities, secures high-quality synchronous and asynchronous online learning.
  • An enjoyable and student friendly online learning environment: Students have the opportunity to work in an online environment, participating in communities of practice and short surveys (polls). This online environment also welcomes the use of alternative and multimodal forms of assessment in the form of interactive quizzes, journal entries, discussion boards etc. Students can work together in breakout or collaboration rooms and practice their oral and written skills in multimodal ways through audio and video chats.
  • A wealth of educational material for different learning styles: The educational material for each class and level, available on Blackboard Learn Ultra 24/7, is provided in different forms (e.g., written text, audio files, videos, and online quizzes) to cater to every learning style. In this way, learning remains student-centered and personalized without missing out on promoting flexibility and group collaboration.  
  • Effective performance monitoring and evaluation: Teachers monitor and evaluate students’ progress as well as due submission of their homework. At the same time, teachers maintain the key role of facilitators in the online educational community formed.
  • A collaborative learning environment: Students’ active engagement with the material ‘housed’ in the platform is not optional and is pivotal for the successful completion of each course. This applies to all learning programs, regardless of whether they include a self-paced, asynchronous component or not. Access to the platform is secured through a personalized password which allows students to partner with their classmates and their instructor.  

How can parents/guardians monitor their child’s progress?

Taking children’s privacy into consideration, minor students are issued a personal, unique, temporary password which is strongly recommended to be changed upon activation of their platform account. Therefore, the Hellenic American Union does not keep a record of the personal passwords adopted by minor students. However, if requested, our Faculty and Academic Team are always at parents’/guardians’ disposal so as to provide detailed information about a student’s performance and overall progress. Kindly note, however, that we do not offer information regarding the performance of adult students to any third parties. 

How can I register?

For information regarding your registration (days of classes, timetables, and tuition fees), you may contact the Registration Office (22 Massalias Str, ground floor). To visit the Registration Office, you need to book an appointment (Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM - 19:00 PM). For more information or to book an appointment, please call on 2103680083 / 2103680023 / 2103680019. 

Which level am I at?

  • Students with no knowledge of Greek, do not need to take a placement test. You can proceed with your enrollment in A1 course, which introduces students to the first language level (A1).
  • Students with some knowledge of Greek or students who have attended Greek courses at the Hellenic American Union in the past but discontinued your studies for a period greater than one year, you need to take a placement test. The placement test aims to offer an accurate assessment of your level of competence in the Greek language and allows for effective and reliable placing. To do so effectively, the Hellenic American Union Team has designed a placement test comprising calibrated and integrated tasks assessing your listening and reading comprehension skills, while an oral interview might also take place if needed (see Student Regulations for the English and Modern Greek program). Placement tests can be paper-based and offered onsite (upon appointment) on all weekdays throughout the calendar year. Alternatively, placement tests can also be offered online upon request. The results are typically out within one or two working days. Placement test results are valid only for one calendar year. Therefore, if students do not enroll within the same year, they need to re-take the placement test in the future. Cases of misplacement are infrequent, however, if a student is believed to have been misplaced, the instructor, the Registration Office and the Academic Team should be notified to examine the case within the first three sessions

Registration Prerequisites

  • To attend a MGLP course, students must be over 17 years of age or attending the 2nd grade of High School.
  • Students with some knowledge of Greek who wish to register for any of the adult courses need to sit for a placement test. The same applies if you have attended Greek courses at the Hellenic American Union in the past but discontinued your studies for a period greater than one year. 

Can I attend a class without having enrolled first?

No, unfortunately attendance is restricted only to students who have completed their registration.

Can I register after a course has started?

Our Academic Team recommends that students attend courses from the beginning, particularly in the case of beginner levels. However, if you wish to enroll in a course past its starting date, you may do so by following the registration procedure. Nevertheless, requests for late enrollments are examined individually to secure smooth class integration or determine whether extra support lessons should be arranged. Kindly note that late registration requests may not be accepted in case they cause disruption to the already formed classes. 

Can I get a certificate of attendance for the courses I am currently attending or have attended?

Upon completion of a course or workshop, you may request a Certificate of Attendance from the Registration Office (22 Massalias Str, ground floor). Kindly note that the Registration Office issues certificates only for courses that took place within the last 10 years

Can I attend a same-level-course offered at a different time slot or day?

You may attend a same-level-course offered on a different day or time slot on condition that the maximum number of students in that class group has not been reached. To do so, you need to first notify your instructor, who will pass on your request to the Academic Team. If your request is approved, you will be contacted by the Registration Office. Kindly note that multiple requests for transfers are not allowed so as to avoid causing disruption to the already formed classes.

Can I be transferred to another class if I think I have been misplaced?

If you think that you have been misplaced, you need to first share your concerns with your instructor within the first three sessions. The Hellenic American Union Academic Team will schedule your re-assessment. Kindly note that re-assessment results cannot be challenged, and the final decision is irrevocable.

Will I need to purchase textbooks? What kind of educational material is provided?

Students are given a booklist at the beginning of each course. Access to the online platform (Blackboard Learn Ultra and Blackboard Collaborate) comes at no additional cost. The educational material provided to students by their class instructor throughout the academic year comes at no additional cost. Kindly note that the extra, supplementary material is HAU copyright material, not available in the market and fully customized to the needs of our learners and classes.  

Is the cost of the books included in the tuition fees? Where can I get the books from?

  • The cost of the books is not included in the tuition fees.
  • Hellenic American Union refrains from recommending specific bookstores. Kindly note, however, that the selected textbooks – to the extent that this is possible – are chosen on the basis of their availability in the Greek market.   

How can I learn more about the content of the course I intend to attend (goals, duration, structure, books, etc.)?

All the information you need is available on our website, the course descriptions, and the respective program informational leaflets (see here for the Young Learners and Adolescent courses and the English and Modern Greek Adult courses). Hard copies of these leaflets are also available at the Registration Office (22 Massalias Str., ground floor), where any extra questions you may have will be happily answered either over the phone or in person upon appointment. Should you require any further clarifications, you may also contact our Academic Team. 

Does the tuition fee include taxes (VAT)?

According to Greek Tax Legislation, no taxes (VAT) are imposed on educational services and programs. 

Does the Hellenic American Union offer private (one-on-one) lessons?

Yes, the Hellenic American Union offers private lessons both to individuals and companies. Lessons may be held either at HAU premises or at the premises of the interested party. For more information and a fully customized educational program, please contact the Registration Office and read through the Private Lesson Regulations

Can I pay only for the hours I have attended?

Students are obliged to pay the entire amount of the tuition fee corresponding to their class, regardless of the number of lessons or hours they have attended. For more information on tuition fee policies and payment procedures, see the Student Regulations for the English and the Modern Greek language program.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, students are obliged to pay a registration fee once. The fee is non-refundable in any case (e.g., cancellation of participation, withdrawing from a course or non-formation of a class) and amounts to 20 euros. 

How can I learn about my classroom and the building where lessons will take place?

There is no reason to worry as our Front Desk Receptionists in our buildings will happily direct you to your classroom. Kindly note that this information is also available upon registration and in the welcoming e-mail you receive prior to the beginning of classes that includes more details about the course you will be attending. 

Can a course/class be cancelled?

Even though such cases are rare because of students’ great interest to attend our classes, course/class cancellations might occur if the requirement for the minimum number of students is not met.

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