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English Courses

The Hellenic American Union is the only institution in Greece that offers comprehensive English and Greek learning programs certified by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA, recognized by the US Secretary of Education).                                                                                                     

Our courses focus on providing flexibility of attendance and are specially designed to meet the needs of different age groups and learners, combining onsite attendance with active participation from wherever you are in the most flex(ible) way.

Our smart classrooms, fully equipped with the latest educational tools, along with the hybrid/flex(ible) way of attendance help you become future-ready for the demands of the modern business world and university studies, which require high levels of language fluency. Marked by an increased interest in fostering all the essential 21st century skills in our learners, our program promotes open-mindedness, critical thinking and inquisitiveness while also guaranteeing flexibility and safety. #Be inquisitive_ Be Flex­_Be Safe

Throughout your studies both our Academic and our Teaching Team are there for you, always up-to-date with new technological trends, innovating in the design of interactive educational material and promising you a learning and technological experience on a par with HAU’s high quality and prestige.


Step into the new hybrid/flex(ible) world!

#The English you know_the English you trust

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Our English language program students enjoy some exclusive benefits. By simply flashing their Student Card, they can enjoy the rewards at contracted bookstores, theaters, cafés, dance schools, gyms, medical offices and more.


“The English courses at HAU were exactly what I was asking for from a tutoring center: Top notch teachers, excellent quality, extra benefits, attention to my individual learning needs, and most importantly of course, a carefully-designed language learning programme leading to successful exam preparation!” (Giannis. G., Civil Servant)

“For me, HAU means top-notch teachers, cutting edge topics (I never got bored during my English “journey” and I still don’t know how they do it!), and a truly motivational and warm atmosphere. Now, as a mother of three, I enjoy ‘reliving’ the HAU experience through my children who also attend classes there!” (Carmen, U. Law Professor)

“Started with low expectations – just another ordinary language course I said to myself…let’s just get it over with – but left with the best learning memories and experiences ever! Excellent class, impeccable collaboration, and most of all a fantastic teacher! Sounds too much? Just give it a try! (Panos, D., University Student)

“I think it was a great experience that combined the process of studying with many other learning activities that made the lessons more enjoyable, meaningful and long-lasting. One of those few times in my ‘learning life’ that I would say that I truly liked being a student!!"(Mike D., University Student)

“I did not use to like English until I enrolled in HAU’s proficiency courses! For me now English is no longer a job prerequisite, but a fascinating language and a ‘window’ to a different culture that I want to explore in all possible ways! HAU and its inspiring and highly qualified teachers instilled confidence in me, and turned me into an avid reader of English who had no second thoughts about pursuing a Master’s degree in an English speaking country! I did it because they showed me how!” (Dimitra, L. Lawyer)

“HAU is the place where I learned not only how to structure my thoughts in English, but also how to learn any other foreign language…and I’ve studied three more afterwards! Thanks to my teacher there, a true gem to the English teaching community, I still reminisce these days and I miss this unique class ambience! (Stella K., Satellite Engineer)

Classes with no more than 12 students that can also be attended online 

Our school offers “smart” digital classrooms (smart classrooms), which accommodate up to 12 students. Classrooms are fully equipped with new audiovisual equipment, including cameras, microphones, monitors, special software and access to Blackboard, the new e-learning platform for online sessions.

How is the lesson offered in class and remotely?

If the number of students for a specific class is higher than the capacity of the room, the class is conducted as a Flex one with the use of hybrid learning. This means that majority of the students will be present in the classroom, while the remainder (at least 2 students) will be attending the lesson live from home via a video call – web conferencing. For example, if there are 10 students enrolled for a class in a room with a capacity of 8 students, in each lesson 2 students will participate from home in rotation.

Each student attend at least some lessons in the classroom, following a rotating weekly schedule. That is, our students will come to school most days, but some days they will participate live from home through distance learning.

Even if the number of students does not exceed the capacity of the room, all students will have the opportunity to use the technology since parts of the course will be held only online through distance learning with the help of our e-platform.

All students will need to use the platform, since it will be used both during the lesson and throughout the school year whether students are attending remotely or not. Students will always be able to use the platform to access the course activities and the material that the Academic team has designed for them.

How is the rotating schedule designed? When will my child come to class and when will he/she attend from home?

Students will receive a schedule for the lessons they will attend in class and online. What makes our program even more Flex(ible) is that if a student cannot attend a scheduled lesson in class at any time, (e.g. due to heavy workload, sickness, or other personal reasons) they can participate online. Through the live video conference provided by the Blackboard platform and the audiovisual system of each room, every student will have the same educational experience whether in class or at home.

Is it mandatory for students to attend lessons both in class and remotely?

Attendance is mandatory in any case, either in the classroom or online. If a student cannot attend a scheduled lesson in class due to an emergency, they will be able to attend the lesson online after consulting with the teacher of the course and / or the Secretariat.

If I don’t want to attend classes on site, can I still take the course?

Of course! Just indicate that you want to attend online when you register. If you change your mind later on and want to attend onsite lessons, you can do so, but only if there is room in the classroom.

How many hours in total will a student attend in class and how many online?

This depends on the number of students enrolled in each class. In any case, students attend most of the lessons in class and, according to the schedule, participate online from home in rotation. Even when the total number of students enrolled in a class does not exceed the capacity of the room, some lessons will be conducted online so that all students become familiar with attending courses online.

It also depends on the course of the pandemic and the measures taken by the Ministry of Education, which may change the ratio of lessons offered in class and online.

Should circumstances so require, Hellenic American Union's new English Language Learning Program is designed to be entirely conducted online with live sessions as well.

How is the same live participation and interaction with the teacher and other students ensured in a lesson attended remotely?

Welcome to the new e-learning era with the use of the Blackboard online learning platform, the platform used by the largest educational institutions around the world for online education and lifelong learning.

During the lesson, the group of students attending remotely will be required to participate with cameras and microphones on. They will actively participate at each stage of the learning experience through a special video conferencing monitor installed in the classroom.

At the same time, the group attending the lesson in class will be able to see, hear and communicate (both orally and in writing) with the group attending remotely through the special camera and microphone systems installed in the room, as mentioned above.

Is the lesson recorded on video? What about personal data and remote attendance?

It is important to know that students attending remotely will be able to see the entire classroom with the students and the teacher live on their screen so that proper interaction is ensured.

Participation in the hybrid lesson through the Blackboard Collaborate platform is NOT videoed nor digitally recorded in any way by any of the parties involved (i.e. students, teachers, HAU staff, etc.). HAU has fully analyzed the individual parameters related to the privacy of teachers and students, thus ensuring that hybrid/flex(ible) classrooms will be run in a way that safeguards this privacy.

What kind of equipment does a student need to attend from home?

  • a computer (laptop, pc, tablet) - not a mobile phone
  • good internet connection (ideally at least 24 Mbps)

Students do not need to download any applications; they can access the lesson just by clicking on a link.

What will I gain from this new program and how is it different from other similar online lessons? 

Flexibility for the student in the classroom and individualized support

Why should the lesson be confined to a traditional classroom? The hybrid classroom offers more opportunities for language contact and student cooperation, as well as frequent individual contact with the teacher, as one would have in a private lesson. The scheduled weekly sessions will take place in the classroom and via Internet for students who are off-site, and with more interaction tools. In addition, the special hybrid lessons combine live (synchronous) participation once a week and asynchronous participation via the platform. This type of lessons can promote active learning, since students are responsible for the material they need to cover in their own time.

Learning faster – more enjoyably! The new program encourages students to try new ways of communicating, collaborating and learning, in order to acquire the language faster, more easily and more enjoyably than they would in a traditional English lesson.

Learning in a variety of different ways: The platform provides access to more educational material in different forms, and the student can study the language in more ways (e.g. tests, discussion forums, communities of practice, group tasks, chatting, etc.).

Helping each student individually: Through the platform teachers can quickly and directly communicate with each student to answer questions or provide extra material, etc. Often students do not ask questions or seek help in the classroom, either because they are having difficulties, or because they don’t realize they need assistance.

Promoting thorough and regular assessment of student progress: The teacher systematically monitors students’ contact with the language and the degree of their cooperation and interaction. In this way, the teacher can provide individualized support.

Ensuring better performance for the class as a whole: The new hybrid way of attending classes offers each student the chance to work through the material at his or her own pace, always with the teacher’s guidance. Students thus have more time and experience less pressure in assimilating the new material. In the new hybrid lessons, class performance has be shown to improve significantly for the benefit of all students!

Learning to cooperate in an online environment: Group work done in class in combination with the online environment becomes even more important and meaningful.

Preparing future professionals through language learning: Students are exposed to a new online learning environment that fosters cooperation and become familiar with the new digital reality they will later encounter during their university studies or in the job market.

Meet the specialized team behind the new English Language Program and the Hybrid/Flex(ible) classes of the Hellenic American Union

The program has been designed and is supported by the Applied Linguistics-TESOL department of Hellenic American University and a specialized eLearning Task Force of the Hellenic American Union.

Dr. Dimitris Tolias,eLearning Director at Hellenic American University and Director of the Center of Applied Linguistics & Language Studies at Hellenic American Union, is the Project Leader of the design of the new program.

Why is distance learning gaining such ground in foreign language learning?

Distance learning, either synchronous or asynchronous, is being used more and more in many countries because it offers:

  • greater interactivity and participation for the student
  • more chances for the teacher to support each student individually
  • more educational hours and engagement with the subject taught
  • more tools for practice and interaction
  • rich digital educational material
  • regular assessment of student’s progress
  • familiarization with new ways of communication and collaboration
  • saving time on transportation
  • easy attendance from a familiar place

What eLearning platform will Ι be using and why?

The Hellenic American Union uses the educational platform Blackboard Learn Ultra, together with a special collaboration tool for online learning called Blackboard Collaborate. The platform is globally regarded as a model of synchronous and asynchronous online learning and is used by more than 17,000 educational organizations and universities.

Here’s why we’ve selected this platform for our courses:

  • You learn in an enjoyable, friendly online learning environment: As a student in this online learning environment, you’ll participate in special communities of practice, take part in polls and quizzes, work online in collaboration rooms, and practice oral and written speech in audio and video chats.
  • You have 24/7 access to a great variety of educational material and different ways of learning: The educational material for each class is available 24/7 on Blackboard Learn Ultra. Since students have different learning styles, material is provided in different forms and types, such as written text, listening files and videos. Although you and your fellow students participate as a group, the course can be personalized based on your own needs.
  • Your teacher can follow your work more closely and give quick feedback: The platform enables the teacher to monitor and assess your participation in detail at any moment and intervene and correct when needed. Students are expected to work with the course material on the platform; this is a requirement for completion of each level. This requirement applies to all courses, whether asynchronous or synchronous.
  • Your privacy is respected: Your participation in the hybrid/flex(ible) lesson through the Blackboard Collaborate platform is NOT taped or recorded digitally in any way by any of the people involved.

What equipment do I need to attend an online course?

  • A computer (laptop, desktop pc or tablet) - not a mobile phone.
  • Good internet connection (suggested line of 24 Mbps)
  • You do not need to download any applications; just click the link to the online eLearning platform.
  • A camera and microphone.

You should be familiar with any device you will be using.

You will be given instructions at the beginning of the course on using the eLearning platform and setting up your equipment to use it, such as the microphone and camera.

If you’re taking the course online, we suggest you do so in a quiet room.

Do I have to use the camera during the online attendance?

Yes, you will need the camera and microphone to participate in the lesson and interact with your fellow students and the teacher. Without this equipment you will miss out on a considerable part of the lesson.

As a parent/guardian, how can I check my child’s attendance in the hybrid class?

The student will have an individual password to enter the online class and use the Blackboard platform, where they can access the assigned tasks and material. We understand that they may not want to share their passwords with you. However, we will provide you with frequent updates of your child’s progress.

How can I register?

For information regarding registration (days, times, and fees), please contact the Registration Office (Massalias 22, 10680 Athens, ground floor) at 2103680083 / 2103680023. 

You first need to take a placement test and then you need to fill in a “Student Registration Card” at the Registration Office and pay the full amount of tuition fees.

How can I determine my level?

  • If you do not know any English and are an adult, you will be placed in a beginner’s course without having to take the placement test.
  • If you do not know any English and are a school-aged child, you will be placed in Young Learners 1 without having to take a placement test.
  • If you are a pre-school aged child, you can attend the special kindergarten courses without having to take a placement test.
  • If you know some English, you need to take a placement test to determine the course that is appropriate for you.

English Placement Test for Adults

  • Οur placement test is offered on site and is administered at the Hellenic American Union premises (Massalias 22, ground floor) by Registration and Student Services on weekdays throughout the calendar year.
  • You must take a placement test before you enrol if you have a basic knowledge of English or if you have attended English courses at the Hellenic American Union and have interrupted your studies for more than a calendar year.
  • You do not have to take a placement test if you don’t know any English. In this case, you are placed in the Beginners course.
  • Test scores are valid for one calendar year. If you do not enrol in one of our courses within a year after taking the placement test, you are required to retake the test.
  • If you believe that you have been misplaced, you should speak to your instructor no later than the third class session in order for your level of proficiency to be reassessed.
  • The test consists of a set of carefully selected oral and written questions to accurately place the student in the appropriate class.

English Placement Test for Young Learners and Adolescents

  • Our placement test is offered onsite and is administered at the Hellenic American Union premises (Massalias 22, ground floor) by Registration and Student Services on weekdays throughout the year.
  • Children and adolescents will have to take a placement test before registering for any of the courses even if they know some English or have attended English lessons at another school.
  • Pre-school or school aged children that don't know any English do not need to take the placement test. In this case, pre-school aged children can attend the Special Kindergarten Courses or Young Learners 1.
  • Test scores are valid for one calendar year. If students do not register in one of our courses within a year after taking the placement test, they will need to take the placement test again.
  • If you have reason to believe that your child has been placed at the wrong level, you should speak to the instructor or the Program coordinator by the third class session in order to reassess the students’ language abilities.

Onsite placement test for Young Learners & Adolescents

  • Placement test scores are given the following day.
  • Αims at the accurate assessment of the language level of the children, and so it varies depending on their language level.
  • The test is offered at a small fee, which is deducted from the registration fees.

Registration requirements

Requirements for Adults

  • To enrol in our courses, you must be at least 16.
  • Unless you have taken our courses within the last year or know no English, you will need to take a placement test before you register. This test can be done on site.

Requirements for Young Learners and Adolescents

  • Children who wish to attend the Special Kindergarten Courses must be at least 4 years old. Children who wish to attend the Young Learners and Adolescents program need to be at least 6 years old.
  • If your children know some English, they will need to take a placement test before they register. This test can be done on site.

May I attend a lesson without having registered for the particular course?

Students who have not officially registered for a course are not allowed to attend lessons.

May I register for a course after the beginning of classes?

For educational reasons, we recommend that you attend a course from its beginning, especially if it is a Beginners course. However, if you wish to register for a course after the beginning of classes, you can do so by following the registration procedures. 

Do I get a certificate of attendance when I complete a course at the Hellenic American Union? If so, from where?

Once you complete the course you are attending, you may ask for a Certificate of Attendance from Registration and Student Services (Massalias 22, ground floor).

May I transfer to another course (different time and/or day) at the same level?

You may be transferred to another course (different time or/and day) at the same level, provided that registered students do not exceed the maximum number of students allowed per class. In order to transfer, please speak to your instructor first and the instructor will consult with the Program’s Academic staff. Then, visit Registration and Student Services (Massalias 22, ground floor) or the Academic Assistants of the English Language Program.

 If I find that the course I am attending is higher or lower than my level, can I transfer accordingly?

If you think that you are not placed at the appropriate level, you should speak to your instructor before the third lesson. The instructor will consult with the Program’s Academic staff in order to reassess your language level. Based on the results of the second test your request will be either accepted or rejected by the instructor. The instructor’s decision cannot be appealed.

Do I need to buy books? What kind of material is given?

The list with the books and the material you need to buy is given out at the beginning of the school year. There is no extra cost for the Blackboard Learn Ultra platform and connection through Blackboard Collaborate. Your teacher will also be giving you educational material in printed or electronic form throughout the year, also free of charge.  If you are doing an exam preparation class, you will be provided with HAU books free of charge.

Is the price of course books included in the tuition fees? Where can I get the course books required for my course?

The price of course books is not included in the tuition fees.

The Hellenic American Union does not endorse any particular booksellers.

How can I learn more about the content of the course that I am interested in attending (aim, duration, components, books, etc.)?

All this information is available on our website and in the Student Brochure that you receive upon registration from Registration and Student Services (Massalias 22, ground floor). For further information, you may contact the Academic Coordinators of the English Language Program.

Do tuition fees include VAT (Value Added Tax)?

According to the Greek Tax Law, educational services are exempted from VAT.

Does the Hellenic American Union offer private English lessons?

We offer private English lessons to individuals and companies at our premises or elsewhere. For further information, please refer to the Registration Office.

Can I pay for only the lesson-hours that I attend?

You are expected to pay the tuition fees in full no matter how many lesson-hours you attend.

Apart from tuition fees, do I have to pay a registration fee as well?

Yes. The registration fee is €20. The registration fee is paid once, regardless of number of courses you register for.

How will I find out where my classroom is?

The classroom number is printed on your receipt.

Is it possible that the course I have registered for will be canceled?

A course may be cancelled due to insufficient student enrollment.

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