Action Learning: a team building tool for solving problems

Action Learning is a problem-solving and leadership development process that involves a small group of people working on a real challenge or project, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a group and as an organization while doing so. Action Learninig is a powerful tool for conducting productive meetings.

In this workshop you will practice the tool in groups based on a real problem case.  Group work will be facilitated by the instructor with the aim of having group members agree on specific actions.

How this tool works

The methodology involves asking questions rather than enforcing opinions and debating solutions. The process help you as team member to discuss first on the issue at hand rather than proceed immediately into action.  Questions create opportunities for group discussion in the spirit of collective inquiry. Action Learning also enforces the collaboration between people with varied levels of skills and experience.

Learning objectives

By attending this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Enhance the team’s problem-solving capacity for addressing complex and urgent problems
  • Facilitate fresh perspectives into discussion
  • Quickly build high-performing teams that share responsibility and accountability
  • Transform corporate culture and create learning organizations


  • What is Action Learning, and how it can benefit you and your organization
  • Action Learning worldwide – how is it used
  • Components of an Action Learning program
  • Ground rules/guidelines in Action Learning
  • Types of Action Learning programs
  • Action Learning group dynamics
  • Creating optimal solutions and strategies through group discussion
  • How to promote actions through the process
  • The role of the problem presenter and the team member
  • Leadership development tactics


Course Code LDS103
Instructor Sonia Georgiadou, Business Coach
Who should attend Leaders, managers, team leaders, supervisors, hr personnel, communication specialists
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Certification Track PMP
Continuing Education Credits 8
Offered OnlineNo
Course Fees €350.00
Last Update At: 2015/01/20 - 12:09:47


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