How we prepare the exams

  • We regularly inspect all venues used for the exams and constantly seek new ones that meet the criteria set by the examination bodies.
  • We systematically train all those who work for the examinations according to the guidelines set by the examination bodies.
  • We provide special accommodations for those candidates who need special examining conditions.
  • We use modern technological equipment. 
  • We regularly conduct quality controls and evaluate our personnel.
  • We are in continuous communication with the international educational community and take into consideration the proposals and suggestions of Language School Owners and Teachers.
  • We create a friendly examination environment that provides candidates with the most efficient examination conditions.

All members of the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications work hard to ensure excellent examining conditions for all candidates. We are at your disposal before, during, and after the exams to answer any questions you might have regarding the exams that the Hellenic American Union administers.

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Where to find us

Center for Examinations and Certifications
Didotou 15
10680 Athens
Switchboard: +30 2103680000
Fax: +30 2103634200




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