15 ways to improve your Greek outside the classroom

1. Agree with friends to speak only Greek at specific times, such as after the lesson, on the subway, or on a specific day of the week.
2. When you listen to songs in Greek, pay attention to the lyrics. Moreover, since many CDs include lyrics with the liner notes, you can read them while listening.
3. Read books in Greek. Choose books you have already read in your native language or those that have been made into films which you have seen. This will make it easier for you to understand the plot and the content.
4. Choose a Greek magazine, a blog, or a newspaper that interests you and read it frequently.
5. Read your favorite comic books in Greek. Comic books are easily read and contain many useful idioms.
6. Watch Greek language news programs on TV.
7. Watch Greek language movies.
8. Attend plays or other events (talks, presentations) in Greek.
9. Visit art exhibitions or participate in other art events that are offered in Greek, including cultural events at the Hellenic American Union.
10. Visit Greek websites. Keep in mind that not all websites use “correct” Greek.
11. If the operating language of your mobile is your native language, switch to Greek. As you associate a function of your mobile with a certain word, you will be able to learn basic Greek vocabulary.
12. Take advantage of the Learning Greek Podcasts made available by the Hellenic American Union free of charge.
13. Practice specific communication situations on your own - at home in front of the mirror, for example. Imagine that you are introducing yourself, disagreeing, giving an interview, or asking for information. Find a partner and role-play.
14. Practice your pronunciation by reading out loud. It’s a good idea to be together with a native speaker of Greek who can correct you. Also, you record yourself and notice the way you speak. Set yourself specific goals, such as understanding the difference in pronunciation between “πότε” and “ποτέ”. Write down the words you often mispronounce.
15. Write down new words you learn in a special notebook. Remember to review them on a regular basis.


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