Mission of the Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies

The mission of the Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (CALLS) is to serve the international, national and local language-learning community through constituting a bridge between educational theory and practice, providing excellence in language instruction, professional development, research and assessment, and promoting cross-cultural awareness, enabling people to become part of an international community.

CALLS promotes and provides high-quality, foreign-language instruction to a broad range of publics irrespective of language background, age and location. The Center’s highly qualified academic staff is involved in teaching, materials development and research in both English and Greek. To ensure top quality academic services, the staff is involved in on-going in-service training programs. The work of the staff is supported by cutting-edge technological infrastructure and research tools and facilities, such as a Library with digital research collections, and e-learning platforms for Hellas Alive and Teacher Education.

CALLS provides language certification in English and in Greek in order to meet the requirements and needs of the job market. As partners with established international examination bodies and institutions, such as the  University of Michigan (ELI), Educational Testing Services (ETS), and the Center for the Greek Language, CALLS keeps pace with the most recent developments in the field of Applied Linguistics.

CALLS enhances professional development for language teachers. The center offers a wide range of academic programs in association with higher education institutes in Europe and in the US. The programs are offered both on-site and online through a variety of e-learning platforms. CALLS also organizes and hosts international conferences related to Language Testing, Academic Writing, Quality and Assessment, and Teacher Education.

CALLS conducts research and disseminates its results to other institutions and individuals in Greece and the Balkans. The Center’s academic staff participates and presents in international conferences in the fields of applied linguistics; language testing, teacher education and human computer interaction (HCI). The center also participates in international and EU funded research projects, aiming to develop innovative, high-quality teaching and learning resources with cultural content.

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