Our services for examinations stakeholders

We offer a broad range of services both to candidates who take our tests and to those who help them prepare for the examinations:

Especially to Language School Owners and language teachers, we provide a broad support network:

English language teaching and educational activities

We consider language certification an important and integral part of a broader learning process. We support language schools by developing educational activities that address issues of community concern and help students improve their language skills such as the EcoFans Network.

Research and international synergies

We conduct research projects on language learning and assessment, either independently or in collaboration with international certification bodies.  The results of these projects are often made available to Language Schools and teachers through seminars and publications.

Rights of certificate holders

We work to safeguard the status of the certificates issued by the universities and organizations we represent and defend the rights of certificate holders.

Professional development of Language School Owners and language teachers

We support the academic and professional development of Language School Owners and language teachers through seminars, workshops, and presentations organized in Greece and abroad.

Community outreach

We take seriously the responsibility that we have to the broader community. In recent years, we have:

  • Offered part of examination fees for Α1-Α2 and B2 levels examinations to the organization Ark of the World which addresses the needs of small, unprotected children, experiencing extremely difficult circumstances.
  • Collected books to set up a library for KETHEA NOSTOS, a therapeutic program for individuals dealing with addiction, and have offered participation at no fee in the language examinations we administer to those who have successfully completed its programs.
  • Offered participation at no fee in the language examinations we administer to individuals who have successfully completed the programs offered by Second Chance Schools, innovative public schools of adult education.
  • Offered participation at no fee in the language examinations we administer to children hosted at The Smile of the Child, a voluntary organization that defends children’s rights.
  • Offered participation at no fee in the language examinations we administer to children hosted at SOS Children’s Villages Greece, a charity organization that helps children who are in need of care because they have lost their parents or are homeless for other reasons.
  • Undertook an initiative for certifying the English-language skills of the unemployed through the language examinations we administer, aiming to improve the participants’ qualifications and to encourage them to become actively involved in the labor market.
  • Provided educational support to students living in remote areas of Greece.
  • Contributed support for the relief of candidates and teachers in fire-stricken areas.
  • Supported socially vulnerable groups of candidates.
  • Awarded scholarships to candidates from marginalized social groups.
  • Supported local economies through the operation of test centers, the organization of seminars and other educational activities throughout Greece.
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