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The Magic Notebook: Destination Christmas

Children's Event


Α tale about Christmas in Greece: a new adventure in our online storytelling series The Magic Notebook


Our story begins in the snow-covered town of Agrinio on Christmas Eve, where Uncle Theodoros and his family are preparing a large festive meal. Little do they know that two sheep in their barn are… in love, and have decided over their parents’ objections to elope at the last minute, triggering an action-packed full of unexpected surprises and laughter!

For this new adventure, children will need to bring along cardboard, markers and watercolors to create their own holiday cards for their loved ones.

Τhe series The Magic Notebook, with fairy tales from around the world and activities for children, is curated and presented by actress Eleni Dafni.


The event is presented online via Zoom and is designed for children aged 4-11.


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