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Cries for Help


Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas Gallery

True-life accounts of people living on the margins of society and the contemporary works of art they inspired

The exhibition draws our attention to the plight of those suffering from poverty and social exclusion, some because of forced emigration, others out of homelessness, imprisonment or disability.

The documentary audiovisual material of the exhibits comes from 20 interviews conducted in 4 different countries: Greece, Italy, Poland, and Romania. The testimonies that emerged from these interviews lead us from the nightmare of war, oppression, helplessness, and marginalization to a bittersweet journey of struggle and hope, which often ends in new beginnings and a new life.

These testimonies are paired with by original artworks by contemporary Greek artists that recount parallel stories. The cries for help that the works on exhibit as a whole make invite us to listen and understand them, and then act accordingly.

The exhibition is supported by the European Commission, through the Creative Europe program, and is part of the Project: “The KASPAR Machine: Awareness raising and participation in the performing arts for social inclusion”.

Louisa Karapidaki
Art Historian – Archaelogist


Yiannis Adamakis
Stathis Fotis
Yorgos Giotsas
George Kazazis
Marios Kamchis
Aggela Karalis
Penny Konstantinou

Participating Artists

Aphroditi Liti
Manolis Merampeliotis
Stavroula Michalopoulou
Konstantinos Michalos
Athanasios Mpathas
Dimitra Bouritsa
Elena Papadimitriou
Eleni Papanikolaou


Smaragda Papoulia
Aristide Patsoglou
Ifigenia Sdoukou
Panagiotis Siagreece
Konstantinos Tolis
Stathis Vatanidis
Vassilis Vlastaras

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