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Have A Seat


Hellenic American Union Galleries

Contemporary Greek artists and designers present their own version of seating through original creations, installations, and works of sculpture and applied art

The exhibition presents seats that become a story that takes the viewer on an unique journey.

"A seat has a functionality but also plays a decorative role" as Louisa Karapidaki, the exhibition’s curator, art historian and archaeologist points out. "Throughout the history of art, it has been a source of inspiration for artists. It was first represented in the art of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece as a point of reference in anthropomorphic compositions. In the centuries that followed, it was presented as an iconic element or ornament in painting and sculpture and, much later, as a stand-alone work of art. It is of course also one of the basic and most sought-after products of industrial design. The seat in the 20th century has been a focal point as a stand-alone object for many artists, such as Van Gogh, Duchamp, Beuys and Rammette for its morphology and its multiple symbolisms; from a reference to bureaucracy, to an indicator of human absence. In Greek art, many artists, such as Fasianos and Gaitis, have also created seats as works of art.




Louisa Karapidaki
Art Historian – Archaeologist




Yiannis Adamakis
Eozen Agopian
Giovanni Albino
Kira Aligizaki
Αnna Ampariotou
Vasilios Anastasopoulos
Dimitra Chanioti
Loukas Chondros / Nikos Kastanakis
Tassos Babassis
Lamprini Boviatsou
George Bouzounis
Sarantis Gagas / Rolana Ceckauskaite
Sophia Gaitani
Yorgos Giotsas

Participating Artists

Martha Dimitropoulou
Virginia Filippousi
Stathis Fotis
Marion Inglessi
George Kazazis
Minas Kampitakis
Katerina Kassaveti
Dimitra Katsaouni
Kiki Kolympari
Iosifina Kosma
Costas Lakis
Antonio Laurelli
Alexandros Liapis
Marianna Lourba
Elena Marinou


Ioannis Markakis
Stella Meletopoulou
Kleopatra Moursela
Elena Papadimitriou
Maria Pastra
Lila Polenaki
Vangelis Rinas
Kyriakos Rokos
Roubina Sarelakou
Panagiotis Siagreece
Dimitra Skandali
Mina Triantopoulou
Lydia Venieri
Marios Voutsinas
Sofia Zarari

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