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The Two Met


Hellenic American Union Galleries

Group exhibition featuring works by three generations of artists

Ιn 1968, the artists James W. Lane and Sophia Douma-Lane presented their work for the first time in Greece at the Hellenic American Union in a group exhibition of American artists living in Greece.  Now, more than a half-century later, the work of these two artists can once again be seen at the Hellenic American Union in the exhibition The Two Met. This time, their artworks converse with those of their ancestors and descendants in a dialog of discovery and re-interpretation. On exhibit as well are numerous family heirlooms, including letters, furniture, and other objects. Together, they serve as a kind of familial View-Master and conceptual art installation, shaping a visual narrative of longing for places and people now long gone.

 The Two Met exhibition includes videos, animations, photographs, paintings, drawings, etchings and 3D digital images. Summarizing its central idea, the curator of the exhibition notes: "Many of the ancestors and descendants of the two artists are present in this exhibition. One can perceive enormous gaps and distances between them all. Art thrives in that space. Chasms that viewers can only bridge; so that observer and observed meet once again, at the vanishing point, right here. "


James M. Lane
Interdisciplinary Artist


With works by:

Sophia Douma
Charalambos Doumas
John La Farge
Anna E. Lane
Charles W. Lane
James C. Lane
James M. Lane
James W. Lane

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