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12th Ibero-American Readers Theater Festival


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Hellenic American Union Theater

The Ibero-American Readers Theater Festival presents its 12th edition this year with four plays of the contemporary Spanish-language repertoire.

In its 12th instalment, the Festival is back with a series of plays on timely social issues, posing poignant questions and deep emotional dilemmas. This year’s plays, all of which are directed by Greek directors and feature Greek actors are: An Integral Therapy by Marc Angelet and Christina Clemente, directed by Zoi Xanthopoulou; If I Hadn't Met You by Sergi Belbel, directed by Antonis Galeos; Hamelin by Juan Mayorga, directed by Sofia Karagianni; and FitzRoy by Jordi Galceran, directed by Eleni Gassouka.

Present for the script-in-hand performance of their plays will be Marc Angelet and Christina Clemente, as well as Jordi Galceran, who will then talk with the audience after the performance.


An Integral Therapy by Marc Angelet and Christina Clemente. Translated by: Maria Hatziemmanouil. Directed by: Zoi Xanthopoulou. Reading Actors: Babis Galiatsatos, Katerina Maoutsou, Zoi XanthopoulouAntonis Christou

For more than ten years, Toni Roca has been leading an intensive four-week seminar teaching people how to make bread. Many people wish to register, but the number of available seats is limited. Participants who manage to enroll wish to learn how to make the best bread; however, they are unaware that the method employed at the seminar is based on a simple and strange premise...

If I Hadn't Met You by Sergi Belbel. Translated by: Maria Hatziemmanouil. Directed by: Antonis Galeos. Reading Actors: Spiros Asimenios, Evgenia Xygorou, Dimitris Tsiklis, Felice Topi, Myrto Papa

Eduard, a businessman who is very much in love with his wife Elisa, inadvertently causes a tragedy: his wife and their two children are killed in a car accident. His best friends, Oscar and Clara, try to help him, unsuccessfully. To overcome his trauma, Eduard enters a labyrinth of confusing and chaotic thoughts, and manages to travel back in time. His aim is to find Elisa alive and do everything he can to avoid ever meeting her, thus erasing the tragedy and traumatic loss he will experience later on.

Hamelin by Juan Mayorga. Translated by: Maria Hatziemmanouil. Directed by: Sofia Karagianni. Reading Actors: Iosif Iosifidis, Konstantinos Passas, Evgenia Apostolou, Sofia Karagianni, Korina Theodoridou, Lefteris Papakostas, Giannis Manthos, Giorgos Galitis

In the words of Mayorga himself, Hamelin is a play about the forms of violence adults exert [BS1] on children. One of these is sexual abuse, but the play also touches upon other forms of violence that usually accompany it: poor education, neglect, lack of love. The play’s story could be set in any city in the world. In any place where children, like in Hamelin of The Pied Piper fable, pay for the mistakes of adults. The protagonist is a judge who tries to establish whether a child of a poor family is being sexually abused by an adult.

FitzRoy by Jordi Galceran. Translated by: Maria Hatziemmanouil. Directed by: Eleni Gassouka. Reading Actors: Syrmo Keke, Marilou Katsafadou, Maria Papafotiou, Georgianna Dalara, Thodoris Atheridis (voice)

Four women alpinists — Ana, Julia, Cati and 25-year-old Laura — are halfway up the face of Mount FitzRoy, a mountain of 3,405 meters in the Southern Patagonia icefield between Argentina and Chile. The three older women have known each other for many years, but they have also climbed together with Laura, the youngest one, several times before. The weather is favorable for the climb, but Julia’s sudden malaise upends the circumstances and fuels an avalance of revelations larger than any physical landslide that might threaten their lives on the snow-covered FitzRoy. Their relations among are put to the test. What do you do when all your skeletons come out of the closet at an altitude of 2,800 meters and there is no escape?


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