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Leading Directors – Great American movies: Stanley Kubrick


Hellenic American Union Theater

The 3rd event in our series “Leading Directors – Great American Movies” is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick

Although Kubrick directed only 13 feature films in his life, he is considered one of the greatest screenwriters and film directors in the history of cinema. Among his most famous works are the psychological horror movie The Shining, the epic science fiction film 2001: Space Odyssey, and the controversial A Clockwork Orange, which was banned in several countries.  

During the event, selected scenes from some of Kubrick’s best-known movies will be screened, followed by an open discussion on the director’s work..  

Speaking at the event will be Loukas Katsikas, film critic and Artistic Director of the Athens International Film Festival “Opening Nights” and Yiannis Zoumpoulakis, film critic, will talk about his work. Journalist and author Makis Provatas will coordinate the discussion.    

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