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Thursday's Meetings -April 2023



Presentation and discussion about the work of contemporary Greek photographers with Platon Rivellis

In Thursday’s Meetings, Platon Rivellis selects and presents contemporary Greek photographers - members of the "Photographic Circle", analyzes their artwork, and talks to them about their themes, approaches, and creative choices. The audience then asks questions and share thoughts on the photos shown.

The fourth presentation of the year takes place on April 20, 19:00 and focuses on the work of photographers Michalis Politopoulos, Antonis Kolios and Katerina Pattakou.

The presentations will be delivered through Zoom with free participation for all with reservations.

Platon Rivellis was born in Athens in 1945. He studied law in Athens, political science in Paris (1968-1970) and photography in the US (1983). He practiced law in Athens for twelve years (1971-1983). Since 1981 he has been delivering seminars and lectures in Greece and Cyprus on photography and cinema. He has organized the model photography classes for the Popular Education Organization (1985) and taught its instructors. He has organized television programs on photography for public television. He has exhibited his photographs in solo and group exhibitions and is a frequent contributor to a number of Greek newspapers and magazines. In 1988 he founded together with his students the Photography Circle and Photochoros Publications, which has published more than sixty books on photography, both theoretical works and albums.

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