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Leon Levinstein

Catalog published on the occasion of the posthumous retrospective exhibition of the American photographer Leon Levinstein (1910-1988) at the Hellenic American Union.


The publication includes texts and reproductions of the 85 black and white photographs by the great American photographer that were presented, for the first time in Greece, in the galleries of the Hellenic American Union.

Leon Levinstein was born in West Virginia in 1910 and died in New York in 1988. He is considered one of the leading photographers of the New York School. Levinstein was never interested in creating an artistic career and he lived in obscurity, but he left behind an important and rich photographic work. His work became more widely known in the 1990s, although during his lifetime many magazines, museums and galleries had published and exhibited many of his photographs.




Leonidas Phoebus Koskos
Platon Rivellis
Ira Papadopoulou

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