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January 2019 revisions to the MET

As part of an ongoing process to ensure excellence in its tests, Michigan Language Assessment has completed extensive research on the Michigan English Test (MET) which included feedback from exams stakeholders.

Based upon this research, Michigan Language Assessment announced a number of updates to the MET.

The revisions will be effective as of January 2019. The MET will continue to be administered in its current format until December 2018.

With these revisions, among others:

  • The MET will be offered as a 2-skills and as a 4-skills test.
  • Total time for the MET 2019 Listening section will be approximately 35 minutes (as opposed to 45 minutes in the current format).
  • Total time for the MET 2019 Grammar/Reading section will be 65 minutes (as opposed to 90 minutes in the current format).

In December 2018, a complete sample MET 2019 test will be made available via the online platform ORFEAS.

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