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May 2021 Revised ECCE and ECPE Sample Tests Now Available

The Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications is proudly sharing the new ECCE and ECPE full sample tests developed by Michigan Language Assessment, after the revisions to both exams as of 2021.

These sample tests reflect the revisions that will be implemented in 2021 and will be useful for teachers and test takers preparing to take the ECCE or ECPE in May 2021 or later.

The rationale behind these ECCE and ECPE revisions lies in feedback from exams stakeholders (language-school owners, teachers, and test takers), changes to the test-taker population (age, interests, etc.), and new thinking in language assessment.

What are the key messages of these revisions?

  • More accessible: More topics and scenarios suitable for younger test takers.
  • Coherent progression: More task-type commonality between ECCE and ECPE.
  • Improved coverage: More testing of pragmatics and intertextuality at ECPE level.
  • Increased efficiency: Reduced total number of items in both tests.

The new ECCE and ECPE sample tests are available for Language Schools and teachers via the Orfeas online platform and for all test takers via the relevant Hellenic American Union webpage.

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