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University of Michigan

The University of Michigan consistently ranks among the top public universities in the United States endowed with outstanding resources such as top-ranked degree programs, libraries with more than 8.5 million library volumes, laboratories and research facilities housed in 571 major buildings, and an internationally eminent faculty of more than 6,000 faculty members.

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Producing tests to exacting standards presupposes a great deal of research and expertise in testing and advanced technological infrastructure. As part of one of the world’s leading research Universities, the English Language Institute (ELI), itself a world leader in English-language testing, is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge.
Founded in 1941, the ELI was the first English language research and training entity of
its kind in the United States. Today, with the same commitment to academic excellence, the same rigorous application of the methods of scientific inquiry and the same dedication to the principles of equity and accessibility, the ELI continues to be recognized worldwide as a principal center of language teaching, learning, assessment, applied linguistics research, and teacher education.

In Fall 2010, the University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge, both institutions with a long and distinguished history in of language assessment, teaching, and research, agreed to collaborate in the field of testing and created a new non-profit entity called Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaMLA).

In Spring 2018, CaMLA announced its new name and look as Michigan Language Assessment.

Michigan Language Assessment continues as a joint venture between Cambridge Assessment English and the University of Michigan, developing outstanding English language tests and offering a comprehensive and flexible set of the highest-quality products and services to help educational, governmental, and private-sector institutions meet their language-assessment needs.



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