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Practice Tests for the ALCE™ Exam

Practice Tests for the ALCE™ Exam provides essential practice in all parts of the ALCE™ examination. The practice tests accurately reflect the level, format, and skills tested in the actual examination.

The book aims to familiarize students at the C1 level with the content, level and format of the ALCE test through 6 revised practice tests. It contains complete description of the examination and the rating scales for the assessment of the speaking and writing sections to offer students a complete understanding of the ALCE examination and adequate practice for all its sections. To ensure the complete preparation of students, a Teacher’s book with all answers is also available.

Key Features:
  • 6 complete practice tests in the format of the revised ALCE™ examination
  • Introduction with a complete description of the revised examination
  • Rating scales for the Writing and Speaking sections
  • Sample answer sheet
  • Complete transcripts
  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Edition with overprinted answers
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