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The New Build Up Your Writing Skills for the ECCE (Revised 2021 Format)

The New Build Up Your Writing Skills for the ECCE (Revised 2021 Format) helps students at B2 level refine their skills in written communication, with specific focus on preparing for the ECCE writing test.

The book contains 10 units focusing on the two types of tasks (letter and essay) presented in the ECCE Writing test. Each unit follows a product writing approach, while incorporating some elements of process writing such as brainstorming ideas and discussion.

Each unit typically follows four stages: analyzing a model text, doing controlled vocabulary and language practice, brainstorming and organizing ideas, writing the final product. 

Key Features:
  • 10 full color units covering all ECCE Writing Test task types
  • Detailed analysis of model letters and essays
  • Extensive vocabulary and language practice
  • Brainstorming and topic discussions in each unit
  • Unit by unit vocabulary list containing the most important B2 vocabulary encountered in each unit
  • Bank of outlines covering each task type encountered in the test
  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s edition with overprinted answers
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