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ECPE Writing: mock examination and personalized feedback

For Students · PAID
Upon Request
45 minutes

Are you preparing for the ECPE? Do you need extra writing practice?

Gaining experience in the ECPE Writing section prior to the actual examination date is significant for students. They do not only familiarize themselves with the actual test format, but they also acquire experience taking a test under examination conditions.

What is more, personalized feedback is provided for every single participant. The feedback focuses on the participant’s strengths and weaknesses and is produced based on the Michigan Language Assessment ECPE Writing Scoring Criteria.  In this manner, the Hellenic American Union gives ECPE prospective candidates the opportunity to prepare more effectively for the Michigan Language Assessment examinations it administers.

Please note that:

  • Students who register for this academic support service will receive an email containing an ECPE Writing test, a Writing response form and instructions on what they must do.
  • Students’ responses must be written in 45 minutes and sent to the email address indicated by HAU.
  • Materials used for the mock examinations have been developed by the Hellenic American Union.
  • Mock examinations materials are different from any examinations materials used during actual future examinations.
  • Mock examinations materials are secure and confidential, exactly as materials used during actual examinations.

Writing section mock examinations are administered by the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications online only.  Registered participants will receive by email an official ECPE Writing section tasks set and detailed instructions on what to do so that they get their personalized feedback. Registered participants will also receive feedback by email within two weeks from the date we receive the ECPE writing response.

  • Familiarize yourself with the actual format and general content of the ECPE Writing section.
  • Gain experience in participating in high-stakes mock examinations before you take the actual test.  
  • Receive detailed written feedback on your performance; you can use the feedback individually or in cooperation with your teacher and focus on areas that require further improvement. 

Hellenic American Union Academic Coordinators

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