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Gardening Day with our Kinder Students: From little seeds grow mighty trees! 7, 9 & 13 April 2022

With the National Gardening Day (14/4/2022) coming our way, our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten students put on their gardening boots, rolled up their sleeves, picked up their extra mini shovels and set off to meet their new friends: bean and spinach seeds!  They learned all about the plant life cycle and ticked all the boxes in their Gardener Lists:

  • Eco-friendly plant pots (It’s never too early to go green, you see!)   
  • Seeds (Spinach for Popeye strength and beans to honor Greek traditions!)
  • Water and soil (Well, all you need with these two is pure love! This will do the trick for every plant!)

Happy Harvest to our little fellows!

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