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Odd Sock Day

Hellenic American Union, 12 Kaplanon

Well, who said that socks must always come in pairs? Matchy-matchy is so overrated! Why can’t we just be different? Unique? Ourselves? Some may be ‘stiff’, others are ‘sparky’, some may be ‘glam’, others are ‘funky’! 

That’s what the Odd Sock Day is all about! 

Our little ‘sock-bearers’ went through their drawers to find two of their most dazzling, ‘snazzling’ and ‘buzzling’, ‘umatchy-matchy’ socks!  

And since all’s well that ends well…socks and feet sang their way to the awesomeness of being different: 

‘I am special, I am special
you can see, you can see
Someone is very special
Someone is very special
Yes, it’s me!’ 

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