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Growth Hacking Crash Course - All about Modelling your Growth

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3-hour Growth Marketing Crash Course 2021, delivered by GrowthRocks in association with the Hellenic American Union.

The workshop introduced a method, mindset and a set of digital tools and concepts for improving customer’s journey, accelerate product development, and rapidly grow customer base. More than an approach to marketing, growth hacking is a process and model that be effectively applied to anything that needs to grow fast within tight deadlines and on a limited budget—whether an idea, a product, or an entire business.

You can download the event's presentation here.

Keynote speakers:

  • ︎Theodoros Moulos, Group CEO of GrowthRocks
  • ︎Εffie Chatzigiannopoulou-Bersoux, CEO of GrowthGirls.
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