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Exports & Innovation

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6 Hours

From understanding a new market to finding critical financial support, the key is to think in an innovative way about how your business works. When thinking about innovation, we often tend to imagine groundbreaking new inventions and revolutionary technologies. However, most innovations constitute an evolution rather than a revolution. A change in a company’s processes, delivery model, or even marketing plan, may be as effective as a new product in creating a lasting competitive advantage, increasing profit margins, and helping you unlock new profitable markets. This course will give you insights on how to re-assess your company’s exporting processes and marketing plan in order to discover new innovative competitive advantages in all stages of your exporting strategy.

  • Innovation & competitive advantage
  • Product/service innovation
  • Innovation in customer service
  • Innovation in customer experience
  • Innovation in HR management
  • Innovation & company sustainability strategy
Natasha Livanou
Business Consultant

Natasa Livanou counts many years of experience in the field of food, beverage and service exports and has been active as a business consultant in the export strategy for several years, while also ...

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