TOEIC Bridge®

The TOEIC Bridge® test is the ideal starting point on the path to workplace success for English-language learners at the beginner and intermediate levels.

Test results provide proficiency levels and help test takers track their progress in and set goals for improving their English language skills.

The TOEIC Bridge® test measures the listening and reading comprehension skills used in an international environment. Language schools, colleges, universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide use the TOEIC Bridge® test to assess English-language proficiency.

How can the TOEIC Bridge® test be used?
  • Schools and employers use the test to guide placement decisions.
  • Educators use the test to monitor students’ progress and show them how to improve their English-language skills.
  • Schools use the test to evaluate their English-language programs.
  • Test takers use the test to demonstrate their English-language proficiency.
  • Students use the test to set their own learning goals

TOEIC Bridge® test Format and Content

The TOEIC Bridge® is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice test that measures basic listening and reading English-language skills used in an everyday context by beginning and mid-level learners.

The Two Main Test Sections:

Listening Comprehension

Test takers will listen to recorded statements, questions, short conversations and short talks in English via CD and answer 50 questions based on what they hear.


Test takers will read single sentences as well as texts and then answer 50 questions based on what they read.

Section # Questions Description Testing Time
Listening Comprehension 6 Full Pictures 25'
20 Question-Response
10 Conversations
14 Talks
Reading Comprehension 15 Sentence Completion 35'
15 Text Completion
20 Reading Comprehension

Practical Information

Why take the TOEIC Bridge® test?

The test is a widely accepted assessment of English-language proficiency of early to mid-level learners. It enables test takers to:

  • show instructors or employers they are prepared for success at the next academic or workplace level
  • be placed at appropriate levels within a program
  • establish personal language-learning goals and monitor their progress
  • learn which areas they need improvement in
How often is the TOEIC Bridge® test administered?

Every week in Athens and Thessaloniki and regularly in local test centers, all over Greece.

How can I register for the TOEIC Bridge® test?

For the registration process please contact the Hellenic American Union. The examination fees are €60.

In the case of interbank transfers, any expenses are born by the customer and not the Hellenic American Union. For this reason, please select “Expenses OUR” and not “Expenses SHA”.

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