The Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications offers academic services to Language School Owners and language teachers via the Internet (webinars).

What services are offered as webinars?

The Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications can offer the following academic services concerning the language examinations administered:

  • Seminars, Interactive Speaking workshops for students, and presentations for parents, for Language Schools offered upon request.
  • Scheduled seminars and examination-related activities  for Language School Owners, teachers, and candidates offered before each examination administration.
What is it about?

Webinars are virtual educational and training sessions conducted live on the Internet. Sessions include tools such as Power Point presentations, handouts, videos and interactive questions and answers. They can take the place of face-to-face communication between trainer and trainees offering participants substantial benefits such as:

  • Convenience
    Participants can attend the Webinar anywhere they choose (Language School or home) since it is not necessary to share the same physical learning environment.
  • Interactivity
    Participants can ask questions and receive answers in synchronous communication but also after the scheduled web session.
What are the requirements?

General requirements

Participants do not need special computer skills to participate in the webinars. The only equipment required is a PC, Laptop, or Notebook with a high-speed Internet connection and a headset with a quality microphone. Other devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Cius) can also be used.

System Requirements

For PC, Laptop, or Notebook

  • If you are using Windows:
    • Processor Intel Core2 Duo CPU 2.XX GHz or AMD. (2 GB of RAM recommended)
    • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
    • Active X enabled and unblocked for Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended)
    • Java 6.0 or above
  • If you are using Mac:
    • Intel processor (512 MB of RAM or more recommended)
    • JavaScript and Cookies enabled
    • Plug-ins enabled in Safari
    • Java 6.0 or above
  • Suitable Web Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 8 and above or
    • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and above or
    • Only the latest version of Google Chrome

For iPhone, iPad, Android, or Cius

  • Download the WebEx Meeting App from the Application Store
  • The following versions per type of device support the WebEx Meeting App:
Device Type Versions Supported
iPhone iOS 3+
iPad iOS 3+
Android v 2.1+
Cius All
How much does it cost?

All webinars are offered to participants free of charge.

Who conducts the webinars?

All webinars are conducted by experienced and specialized members of the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications academic support staff.

Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance issued by the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications.

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