Student Assessment

Modern Greek Language Courses

At the end of the course, students will receive a final percentage grade, composed by an average written grade and an average oral grade, each calculated as follows:   

  • Average written grade: Three edited versions of level writing 30% (10% each), two progress mid-term test 40% (20% each), and one achievement test (final test) 30%.
  • Average oral grade: Attendance and class participation 40%, performance in three in-class oral tasks 20% each.

In order to successfully complete the course and be able to advance to the next course in the program, a student is expected to have a final grade of 70% or above. The final grade is calculated by adding the average written grade (essays, mid-term test, and final test) to the average oral grade (attendance and class participation, oral tasks) and dividing by 2. For example, if a student receives 65% as average written grade and 75% as average oral grade, the final grade is calculated as follows: 65% + 75% : 2 = 70%.

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