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100 Years of Czech Comics


Kennedy Gallery

Tribute to Czech comics as part of Comicdom Con Athens 2021


HAU’s Kennedy Gallery will host two exhibitions that explore the rich Czech tradition of children's book illustration and comics. The exhibitions are organized as part of our favorite comics festival, Comicdom Con Athens.

The exhibition 100 Years of Czech Comics was created on the occasion of the centenary of the Czech Republic . The exhibition traces the history of Czech comics  over the years through 30 panels that cover topics such as Stories and Myths of the Creation of Czechoslovakia, Pictures of WW II Comics, Troubled Times for the Comics in the Years of Communism, From the Prague Spring to the End of Hope, Animal Adventures in Comics, Space and Exotic Lands, Comics after 2000, and Švejk. The exhibition is curated by Tomáš Prokůpek

The 12 Worlds exhibition, curated by Radim Kopáč, showcases the unique world perspectives of 12 contemporary Czech children’s book illustrators. The illustrations on display come from a variety of media and reflect the striking variety of styles of the 12 artists. Czech children’s book illustration has a rich and enviable legacy with the very first picture book for children in Europe produced by the Czech educator Comenius in the 17th century! 

The tribute is organized in cooperation with the Czech Centre Athens

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100 Years Czech Comics

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