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Music: The Efflorescence of Modern Greek Music


Hellenic American Union Theater

“Hellas in Bloom: Creative Greece”
Ioannis Tselikas talks about music with Panagiotis Vlagopoulos, Myrto Oikonomidou and Yannis Sabrovalakis.

Modern Greek art music flourished in the newly established Greek state, as did literature, painting, and the other arts. For a host of reasons, many of these works of music were relegated to oblivion, but thanks to efforts of researchers in recent years have resurfaced to reclaim the position they deserve. During this discussion, eminent musicologists will talk about the main representatives of modern Greek art music, the influence it received from currents in European music and its connection with parallel developments in other arts. Discussants will also explore the efforts of composers to impart a uniquely “Greek” mark on their creations and their broader contribution to the arts in Greece.

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Ioannis Tselikas

Τσελικας.jpgIoannis Tselikas is an oboist and musicologist. He studied piano, oboe and advanced music theory at the Greek National Conservatory, the Athens Conservatory, and the Athenaeum Conservatory. After graduating from the University of Athens Department of Music, he pursued graduate studies in Music Theory and History of Music at Boston University. As a founding member of the Hellenic Music Center, which aims to showcase and document Greek art music, he has curated, restored, and published numerous manuscripts of classical music by Greek composers of the previous century. He is a member of the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra and has cooperated with various orchestras in Greece and abroad. He is the head of the Hellenic American University Department of Music, where he teaches Music Theory and History of Music.

Panos Vlagopoulos

Βλαγκοπουλος.jpgPanos Vlagopoulos is a Professor at the Ionian University Department of Music. He studied Law and Musicology. In 2018, he was a fellow of the Center for Hellenic Studies at Princeton University. He has translated texts on musicology and aesthetics from German, French and English, and has written texts on topics of modern Greek music. 

Myrto Oikonomidou


Myrto Oikonomidou studied advanced music theory at the Greek National Conservatoire (Diploma in Music Harmony) and the State Conservatory Thessaloniki (Diploma in Counterpoint and Fugue). She is a graduate of the Department of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts. 

Since 1994, she worked for 26 consecutive years at the Manolis Kalomiris Society, serving as the Head of its Archive, where she managed Kalomiris’s personal archive and the historical archives of the Greek National Conservatoire. During the same time, she taught music theory at conservatories around Athens. For several years, she worked with various organizations (Athens Concert Hall, Manolis Kalomiris Festival, Greek National Opera), as an editor, writer, and musicologist. She authored Greek-related entries for the new online version of the New Grove Dictionary, the main one being Music in Greece during the 1st half of the 20th century, which is part of the primary entry for Music in Greece. She is a member of the faculty in the program “Key Milestones in the History of Greek Music, from Antiquity to the Modern Era” of the Center for Lifelong Learning of the University of the Aegean, teaching the unit on the Greek National School of Music. Since the fall of 2021, she has been working at the Lilian Voudouri Greek Music Archive of the Music Library of Greece. She is a member of the Hellenic Musicological Society.

Since June 2019, she has been serving as General Secretary on the Board of the Greek Chapter of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centers (IAML), representing the Archive of the Manolis Kalomiris Society.

She is a specialist in Greek classical/art music of the 20th century and, more specifically, in the work of the Greek National School composer Manolis Kalomiris and a frequent contributor at conferences in the field.

Yannis Sabrovalakis


Yannis Sabrovalakis is a clarinetist, musicologist and composer, a member of the Greek National Opera orchestra, and a teacher in the Ionian University Department of Music. He studied clarinet, advanced music theory, composition and musicology at the Athens Conservatory, the Greek National Conservatory, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

He is an editor of music publications and a co-founder of the Hellenic Music Center. Works and orchestrations of his have been performed by (indicatively): the State Orchestras of Athens and Thessaloniki, the Greek National Opera, the Music Ensembles of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), the Boston Pops Orchestra in Boston (USA), the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble in Amsterdam, the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, and the American Ballet Theatre at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

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