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Is cancel culture killing the arts?


Hellenic American Union Rooftop

Open discussion in English about the rise of cancel culture organized as part of the international series of panel discussions entitled Battle of Ideas.

With events organized around the world, The Battle of Ideas festival provides an open, welcoming forum for frank discussion on issues of vital importance to society today. This year's festival is devoted to exploring the pressures on free speech and in particular the rise and impact of cancel culture.

Panelists and public will discuss questions such as: What are the consequences when we judge works by the artist’s views and behavior? Is this cancel culture merely censorship under a new guise? Or is it a way of rebalancing power in favor of those previously excluded? What impact will new attitudes have on contemporary art and artists? Is cancel culture a serious problem or is it healthy to reassess artists in a modern, evolving society?

Speaking at the event will be:

Andrea Gilbert, independent art critic and exhibition curator; human rights defender, Greek Helsinki Monitor; legal representative, Athens Pride

Kim Hoffnagle, art director; illustrator; graphic designer; arts and humanities visiting faculty, Hellenic American College

Dr Mo Lovatt, national coordinator, Debating Matters; program coordinator, Academy of Ideas

Marianna Skylakaki, chief executive officer, αθηΝΕΑ

Moderator: Geoff Kidder, director, membership and events, Academy of Ideas; convenor, AoI Book Club

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