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Hellenic American Union Theater

A presentation of Yiannis Stigas and Nikolas Evandinos’s collection of poems, Comedy


Yiannis Stigas and Nikolas Evandinos discuss their recently published volume of poems titled Comedy (Agra, 2021) with writers Nikos Chrysos and Thomas Tsalapatis, and philologist and musician Giannis Maniatis.

From the publisher:

“99 + 1 poems. A dictionary in disguise, a kaleidoscope for grown-up children, or the remnants of a time machine? One thing is certain. This is a very literal gesture that it declares the rawness of love. Which also explains the book’s Dantean mechanics, that is, how does one learn to walk on a vertical plane, up and down. Comedy is a book that challenges the reader to confrontation in the hope of reconciliation. For if this book believes in anything at all, it is in the power of the mirror.  Employing com-positions and juxta-positions, well-honed irony, coolheadedness, a sense of humor and, above all, a deep concern for the fate of humanity, authors Yiannis Stigas and Nikolas Evandinos propose to guide the readers all the way to Heaven and perhaps even beyond."

For those who cannot be physically present, the discussion will be livestreamed on the Hellenic American Union website and on the Hellenic American Union YouTube channel (Hellenic American Union Athens - YouTube).

Yiannis Stigas was born in Athens in 1977. Comedy  is his seventh poetry collection. Poems of his have been translated into fourteen languages and included in anthologies published in Greece and abroad. He lives and works as a neurologist in Athens. Books of his (in Greek): Η αλητεία του αίματος, Gavriilidis, 2004; Η όραση θ᾽ αρχίσει ξανά, Kedros, 2006; Ισόπαλο τραύμα, Kedros, 2009, 2016; Ο δρόμος μέχρι το περίπτερο, Mikri Arktos, 2012, 2014; Βλέπω τον κύβο Ρούμπικ φαγωμένο, Mikri Arktos, 2014, 2016; Εξυπερύ σημαίνει χάνομαι, Mikri Arktos, 2017, 2018. Poems of his have also been translated and published in foreign-language journals and books.


Nikolas Evandinos was born in 1982 and hails from Ierapetra, Crete. He studied History - Archeology and pursued postgraduate studies in Modern Greek Literature at the University of Crete. He has written five books of poetry. His first publication (in Greek) was the book Μικρές αγγελίες και ειδήσεις (Gavriilidis, 2008), and his most recent Η γυρισμένη γλώσσα του Επιμενίδη (Mov Skiouros, 2019). Poems of his have been included in anthologies and translated into English and French. In addition to writing poetry, he also writes songs and performs them with his band.


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