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Meetings with a View: Alexander Kitroeff



Discussion between the renowned historian and journalist Margarita Pournara as part of the series “Asia Minor, the Baton of Memory”

The first guest in the Hellenic American Union’s new series of events titled "Meetings with a View", historian Alexander Kitroeff, will discuss common myths about Smyrna and Asia Minor but also how, a century later, historical research has managed to paint a very different picture of the destruction of Ionia.

Historian Alexander Kitroeff has taught for many years in the USA. His research interest focuses on the Hellenic Diaspora, whether it is the Egyptians of the 19th century or the Greek Americans of the 20th. In 2012, he served as a historical consultant to the documentary Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City by director and screenwriter Maria Ilioi, where he presented previously unknown documents found in US and European archives

For the older generations, Asia Minor was an experience, songs, tastes, places, habits, dialects, traditions, superstitions, the wealth of coexistence with other nations. For our generation it is the memory we hold in our hands, like a baton, to pass on to the younger ones. What do we keep from it? What do we leave behind? How does history reach us?

Six distinguished guests, each with their distinct point of view, discuss with journalist Margarita Pournara the continuation of Asia Minor. This special series of events is organized by the Hellenic American Union from March to May 2022 on the 100th year anniversary of the disaster. The meetings will take place on the glass roof top of the Hellenic American Union overlooking Athens with the presence of a limited audience due to the pandemic.

All meetings of the cycle will be broadcasted live at the Hellenic American Union’s YouTube channel and be available for streaming at the Hellenic American Union’s webpage.

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