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Meetings with a View: Bruce Clark



Renowned writer and journalist Bruce Clark in conversation with journalist Margarita Pournara, as part of the series “Asia Minor, the Baton of Memory”


The fourth guest of the series of events titled “Meetings with a View” is author and journalist Bruce Clark.  Clark became known in Greece through his iconic book Twice a Stranger, which discusses the population exchange between Greece and Turkey and earned him the Runciman Prize. The Northern Irish author manages to describe the suffering of the uprooted Turks and Greeks with remarkable humanity and a balanced approach. At the same time, he is looking at the consequences of the Treaty of Lausanne, capturing how the decisions and visions of leaders change the lives of millions of people in the name of nationalism.

Knowledgeable in the Greek language, having lived and worked in Greece, and an experienced geopolitical analyst writing for prominent media and publications, Clark is a charismatic narrator, able to describe both the history of everyday people and the History of nations. Clark will be talking with Margarita Pournara about the period preceding and the period following the Asia Minor Disaster, seeing as the idea for a population exchange was first coined before World War I, the latter essentially postponing its implementation by several years.

The discussion will be in English; no interpretation will be provided.


For older generations, Asia Minor was a lived experience, it was songs and flavors, places, habits, dialects, traditions and superstitions. And it was the richness of living with other peoples. For our generation it is the memory we hold in our hands, like a baton, that we pass on to younger generations. What do we keep from it? What do we leave behind? How does history reach us?

Six distinguished guests, each with a distinct point of view, discuss with journalist Margarita Pournara the continuation of Asia Minor. This special series of events has been organized by the Hellenic American Union from March to May 2022 on the 100th year anniversary of the disaster. The meetings take place on the glass-enclosed roof garden of the Hellenic American Union overlooking Athens with a limited audience due to the pandemic.

All meetings of the cycle will be broadcasted live at the Hellenic American Union’s YouTube channel and available for streaming at the Hellenic American Union’s webpage.

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