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The Bittycats - Pericles and Aspasia

Children's Event


Behind every great figure in history lies a cat. A charismatic cat.

In this online storytelling event, author Argyro Pipini and the illustrator Ifigenia Kamberi delve into their series Mikra Gatika (The Bittycats) to introduce us their heroic cats and tell us of their adventures: the great politician, general and orator Pericles, and the one and only Aspasia, his life partner and faithful advisor. Through these smart, cuddly but highly temperamental kittens, we travel back in history and learn about the times, customs, and achievements of these great figures—with a good dose of humor, playfulness, and much purring…

The event takes place online through the Zoom platform and is aimed at children aged 4 years or older.

"In the Bittycats (Mikra Gatika) says the author of the books Argyro Pipini "I combined two things that I love: history and cats. But, as we know, writers and children are imaginative creatures. We read a word and come up with whole stories - it does not mean that we are lying. All four books are based on historical figures and events, but literature finds a way to slip through the cracks of history, winking at the reader. I considered it necessary to add a more scientific note at the end of the book in the section called "Did you know that?" for children who would like to dig a little deeper into the historical period. We also wanted each book in the series to have the scent of its time, so Ifigenia Kamberi did her own research to convincingly portray the atmosphere of that time before adding her own artist touch".

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