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Our Stories Carried Us Here


Kennedy Gallery


Comicdom Con Athens 2022 hosts a group exhibition of illustrated stories by 11 US immigrants and refugees

As part of this year’s Comicdom Con Athens, the popular three-day comics festival will present an exhibition of ten first-person stories told and illustrated by first- and second-generation immigrants and refugees in the United States.

Based on the graphic novel anthology Our Stories Carried Us Here, published by Green Card Voices and edited by Julie Vang, Tea Rozman and Tom Kaczynski, the exhibition features stories and illustrations by Zaynab Abdi (Yemen), Aziz Kamal (Myanmar), Craig Moodie (Jamaica), Karelin (Guatemala), Ruth Mekoulom (Chad), Alex Tsipenyuk (Kazakhstan), Zurya Anjum (Pakistan), Sergio Cenoch (Mexico), Mary Anne Quiroz (Mexico), Vy Luong (Vietnam) and Amara Solomon Kamara (Liberia).

Their work is a moving portrayal of the immigrant’s experience, providing insight into the complex interplay of issues such as race, religion, social class, educational inequality, displacement and discrimination. Their stories serve as a mirror of hope and a beacon of light, recovering a narrative that is all too often shaped by hatred, fear, and xenophobia, and connecting us with experiences that inspire hope and empathy.


Exhibition Curators: Leda Tsene, Lila Manioti

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