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Per Tempus



Art exhibition of Ellie Michaelidou as part of the FRESH LOOK initiative


The Hellenic American Union inaugurates FRESH LOOK, an online platform where artists up to 25 years old can present their first works. The platform offers young artists the opportunity to exhibit their work to the public, often for the first time, and gain valuable exposure. The initiative aims to spark a dialog on contemporary artistic creation, capture the raw creative drive of young artists, and explore their primary influences. 

FRESH LOOK begins with an online solo exhibition of works by Ellie Michaelidou. Titled Per Tempus, the exhibition consists of 41 works created between 2017 and 2021 and is divided into three sections: the first, “Overcoming the Persistence of Time” consists of artworks in traditional media; the second, “American Cinema Over Time”, features digitally processed adaptations of popular film posters; and the third, “Models of Memory”, consists of works of travel photography. 

The exhibition is curated by art historian and archaeologist Louisa Karapidaki, who comments on the artworks: " Ellie Michaelidou's illustrations commingle unusual images with familiar representational elements. Her elaborate re-presentations point to narratives of forms from the realm of the imagination, but stem in fact from the real world.  A collector of visual experiences, the artist paints, photographs, and creates assemblages of graphically manipulated ready-made images, yielding in the end a body of work with an original and contemporary post-modern aesthetic. […] The works in these three sections, while diverse, are all characterized by a disciplined structure and a careful selection of thematic details. The dominant feature of her work, however, is its plasticity and communicative power.” 


Ellie Michaelidou is a senior in the International Baccalaureate program of the American Community Schools of Athens. After graduation, she plans to study film production, cinematography, and scriptwriting. 
As early as junior high school, she had shown interest in the moving image, photography, and film production. She thus combined her love of cinema, photography, and travel, and started creating artworks, making use of her knowledge of digital art and montage. 
She has presented her work through her Instagram accounts, winning numerous followers. The work she produced for her IB Visual Arts classes will be exhibited during the current academic year at her school's gallery. She has also written, directed, filmed and produced several short films.
Through this online exhibition, Ellie wishes to share her passion for cinema and photography with the public.

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