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Photographic Pairs 2022


Kennedy Gallery

Photo exhibition by Spyros Polytarchou and Yiannis Zisis

Each exhibition in the series Photographic Pairs features the work of two photographers, both members of the Photography Circle, whose paths in life or photography cross. In some cases, the featured photographers will be relatives or dear friends, or it may be that their subject matter or approach will be common. They may also be related by the substantial difference of a seemingly common work.


The new photographic pair are Spyros Polytarchou and Yiannis Zisis.


Commenting on the work of the two photographers, the exhibition’s curator notes: “Poetic photography is a lot like the play of a child. It comes about when creators are concentrated and carefree; when they are fully present and, at the same time, forget themselves. Constructing their own fairy tale in all honesty and seriousness, without conviction and awareness, faithfully and daringly.”


The series is curated by photography critic and founder of the Photography Circle, Platon Rivellis; this exhibition, the tenth in the series, is curated by Panos Rozakis.


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