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Trip to the African Savannah

Children's Event


As a cheetah, a buffalo and a rhino look for a new home in the wild, we learn about the life of endangered species

Come to the savannah and meet Jumba and her allies as their homes are threatened by climate change. Our tour guides in this very special safari are educational psychologist Mania Ziridis and environmentalist Dr. Georgina Spyres. The two authors teach us about the power of collaboration, trust and friendship and show us ways to protect the environment.

The event is based on their book, Trip to African Savannah illustrated by Giannis Skouloudis and published by Dioptra Publications.

The event takes place online through the Zoom platform and is aimed at children aged 4 years or older.


Mania Ziridis combines postgraduate studies and work experience in Educational Psychology, Business Administration and World Health. She is interested in environmental and educational issues as well as the empowerment of diverse groups. Through the design and delivery of curricula, trainings, seminars, textbooks and projects, she has trained hundreds of students, parents and teachers in matters of sustainability, positive impact and more.

Dr. Georgina Spyres has been teaching science since 2002 through formal and non-formal education at various ages, from preschoolers to students as a Professor of Environment at the City University of New York. She specializes in the effects of climate change and the conservation of biodiversity. Spyres works as Head of Education and Research at the Attica Zoological Park, collaborates with NPO Pelargos for the protection of the Greek Wildlife and is Head of Science Education of the Finnish NPO Carbon Busters which she serves as Director of its branch in Greece. At the same time, she teaches sustainability and connection with Nature to IST College and in vocational training seminars. She has worked as a researcher at the Hellenic Center for Marine Research and at various institutes around the world (Netherlands, America, England) specializing in Chemical Oceanography. She is a member of the Communication and Education Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which established the Red List of Threatened Species, of the International Zoo Educators Association and an elected member of the Committee on Education of the European Union, European Association of Zoo and Aquaria. Her love for nature began when she was a child and since then she has been constantly working to connect those around her with the beauty of our planet and inspire them to preserve it.

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