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Cambridge English Language Assessment has become Cambridge Assessment English!

Recently, Cambridge English Language Assessment announced its new name which now is Cambridge Assessment English.

The new name makes clearer that Cambridge English exams are part of Cambridge Assessment department, a leading international education and assessment group with English language at the heart of everything. Cambridge Assessment department shares the biggest assessment research team of its kind in Europe, and unrivalled depth of experience in national educational systems, international education and English language learning. Cambridge Assessment English is more than just a name change; helping people learn English and prove their skills to the world is rooted in the new brand.

Cambridge English Qualifications, formerly known as Cambridge English exams, have also been introduced as a new, easier-to-understand way to describe the exams.  The qualifications are based on research into effective teaching and learning. They provide a strong foundation and learning framework to help learners gain confidence and improve their English language skills, step by step. Cambridge English Qualifications bring together our exams from Pre A1 Starters to C2 Proficiency in a way which helps teachers to:

  • structure the language-learning curriculum and give clear objectives for their students;
  • get an in-depth understanding of each student’s performance and ability – with this information teachers can offer specific guidance on how to progress so students can prepare with confidence;
  • clearly explain student improvement between levels to learners and parents.

Although the name has changed, the quality and high standards of Cambridge assessments remain unchanged. The relationship with the University of Cambridge remains unchanged. The same world-renowned exams, which are backed by our first-class research, are still produced.

Cambridge Assessment English is still focused on helping people succeed through its expertise in learning, teaching, and assessing English.

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