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November-December 2022 exams administrations: Hellenic American Union precautionary measures against COVID-19

Taking into account instructions by all relevant test developers, guidelines and recent measures by relevant authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as the safety of all exams stakeholders and their environment, the Hellenic American Union has announced a set of updated COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Until further notice, the measures will apply to all exams the Hellenic American Union administers.

Among others, the measures include the following:

  • On each exams day, our exams personnel will present a valid vaccination certificate or a valid COVID-19 recovery certificate or a certificate of negative COVID-19 result, following a rapid or PCR test up until one week before the exams.
  • Test takers are not obliged to present a vaccination certificate or a COVID-19 recovery certificate or a certificate of negative COVID-19 result (self test, rapid test or PCR test) in order to participate in written and speaking tests.
  • Test takers and our exams personnel are not obliged to wear a face mask/face shield in closed areas (waiting areas, halls, corridors, exams rooms) before, during, and after written and speaking tests. However, wearing face masks/face shields is recommended.

The Hellenic American Union has communicated the precautionary measures to all its exams stakeholders. All measures are available in our relevant webpage.

Download the rules for Hellenic American Union candidates: in Greekin English.

We are certain that, with everyone’s cooperation, we will ensure that the coming exams administrations will continue being safe for all!

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