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Why choose the Hellenic American Union for Cambridge English exams?

The Hellenic American Union has been administering exams since 1957. It is the ideal choice for Cambridge English exams for the following reasons: unparalleled experience and expertise; commitment to Quality; excellent experience for exams stakeholders; technology and innovation; passion for exams.

The administration of language examinations and examinations which lead to professional certifications is an indispensable part of the Hellenic American Unions orientation to support stakeholdersprofessional and personal development. No other exams administrator in Greece has such a large, special unit as its Center for Examinations and Certifications, dedicated exclusively to exams, with so much personnel committed to serving exams stakeholdersacademic and administrative needs; no other exams administrator provides so many valid and reliable exams under one roof; no other exams administrator retains such excellent partnership with so many international, prestigious examination boards.

The Hellenic American Union administered its first language-competency examinations in 1957 – its year of establishment. In 2012, it administered its first Cambridge English examinations after becoming an autonomous, open Cambridge Assessment English test centre.

The Hellenic American Union brings to the table unrivalled years of knowledge and expertise in successful exams organization and administration and effective accommodation of various needs of those candidates who participate in the exams it administers.

We constantly employ our know-howin the best interest of all exams stakeholders (language school owners, teachers, students, candidates, parents) and take great pride in offering a variety of opportunities for internationally recognized, high-quality certifications.

The Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications always places emphasis on the quality of services it offers. To this end, the Center applies a quality management system to all its functions and procedures using, among others, the following means:

  • systematic, objective, and rigorous selection, training, and evaluation of personnel in accordance with Cambridge Assessment English regulations;
  • closely-monitored exams administration;
  • standardized rules and guidelines for all examination processes;
  • systematic, innovative, and needs-based support to candidates, foreign-language schools, and teachers.       

The Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications is currently the only administrative unit of its kind in Greece with a certification specialized in the provision of complete examination services. It has been awarded by TÜV HELLAS - member of TÜV NORD Group – with the certificate ISO 9001:2015 for its following activities:  "Planning, organization, and administration of examinations" and "Provision of services to candidates, foreign-language schools, and teachers". 

Our commitment to exams integrity and excellent services to all exams stakeholders have rendered the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications one of the most prestigious exam administrators in the international English-language testing community.

During exams administrations, at the heart of what we do is the best experience we are able to offer to Cambridge English exams stakeholders.

Due to our long experience in managing all types of issues, we are able to handle with undivided attention all problems, concerns, and complaints that language school owners, teachers, students, candidates, and parents may have. Our dedicated teams ensure that exams stakeholders receive quality service which meets their needs. In addition, our personnel are positive, friendly, and knowledgeable and share our core values in providing assistance and ensuring excellent service.

We aim to:

  • devote any time necessary to understand exams stakeholdersneeds and find ways to meet or exceed them;
  • build long-term loyalty with language schools (preparation centres) and teachers with a commitment to satisfaction;
  • request feedback and review our processes to ensure we are continuously improving.

We always enjoy hearing from exams stakeholders. For requests, comments, and feedback please contact us:

  • E:
  • 2103680000 (Athens); 2310557600 (Thessaloniki)

The Hellenic American Union is the only exams administrator in Greece which complements all the exams it administers – including Cambridge English exams – with unique, technologically-enhanced support for language school owners, teachers, and candidates, through a variety of original initiatives such as the following:

  • minimal environmental impact via the use of technology; 
  • online and printed publications and resources;
  • online, complete exams registration system (selection of exams venue, tracking of application procedure status, access to exams schedules and results);
  • open seminars for language school owners, teachers, and candidates;
  • webinars upon request for language-school owners teachers, and candidates;
  • technologically-advanced examinations infrastructure.

What sets the Hellenic American Union apart from other exams administrators is that we are passionate about the services we provide and the quality of our support systems.

Exams stakeholders can rest assured that, under the Hellenic American Union roof, they will find dedication to quality.

Our vision is to continue being the leaders in exams administration and in providing exams-related services and support to all exams stakeholders. Our mission is to deliver high-quality services which meet or exceed exams stakeholdersexpectations.

Our objective goals are the following:

  • to effectively plan, organize, and administer exams;
  • to administer exams in a secure and transparent manner;
  • to adhere to all rules and regulations of all examination boards involved, including Cambridge Assessment English;
  • to follow closely all exams-related procedures;
  • to meet or exceed exams stakeholdersexpectations;
  • to provide complete and timely exams-related information to exams stakeholders;
  • to continue improving the quality of the services we offer.
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