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Nonstandard Test Accommodations

The Hellenic American Union and Hellenic American University are committed to ensuring that candidates for the School Tests for Young Learners of English (STYLE), Basic Communication Certificate in English (BCCE™), Assessment Board for Language Examinations: Level B2 (ABLE B2), and Advanced Level Certificate in English (ALCE™) have a fair opportunity to demonstrate their language ability under reasonable and appropriate test conditions.

For this reason, candidates with documented physical disabilities as well as emotional or psychological disabilities and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder may request nonstandard testing accommodations that do not affect the accuracy of the measure used for the skill that is being tested.

Nonstandard testing accommodations may include:

1. Extra time

Some candidates may need extra time to complete one of the sections. Candidates can request an additional 25% of the usual testing time for the GVR section and/or the Writing section of the test. Such candidates may have a temporary disability, such as a broken or fractured bone in their main hand.  However, some candidates may need up to an additional 50% of the normal testing time. These candidates may be visually impaired, may have dyslexia, or may have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

2. Supervised Extra Rest Breaks

Some candidates with a psychological disability may require extra breaks during one or more of the test sections. During the additional rest breaks, the test time counter will stop and will resume when the candidate is ready to continue.

3. Reader

Candidates with a visual impairment may need a reader to read the test for them.

4. Scribe

Candidates with a visual or motor impairment may need a scribe to record their answers and/or to write their response to the writing section. In such situations, candidates will dictate their response to the scribe who will write it down exactly as dictated.

5. Headphones

Candidates with a hearing impairment may need the aid of headphones for the listening section.

6. Alternate test format

Candidates who are visually impaired may need their test booklets to be printed in a large font.


To make a request for nonstandard test accommodation, interested candidates should:

  • Fill in the form for a “Non-standard Test Accommodations Request Form ALCE™, ABLE B2, BCCE™, STYLE” in the relevant section of the Orfeas online registration system.
  • Provide documentation of the disability from a licensed or certified public sector professional who is qualified to evaluate the examinee's disability. The document should describe the candidate’s disability in detail.
  • Submit the form and all the documentation to the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications at least four weeks before the test date.

Documentation in a language other than English must be translated into English by an authorized professional or authority such as a lawyer or the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Service. Upon request, the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications can provide assistance on the matter. Administrative fees apply. 

Either the original certified translation or a certified copy of the original certified translation can be submitted.      

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